• Bringing us back: the Chaplain Corps' critical role in AF resiliency

    It was sunny, 75 degrees, and breezy outside in the San Diego spring. Tourists strolled the marina and lazed on the pier while sailboats careened through the bay, their wakes trailing brightly in the lapping waves.The scene was whimsical, carefree – the image of leisure.I, however, was inside the

  • Letter to the Pack: Holiday Message

    Wolf Pack, As the calendar year comes to a close, I want to wish you happy holidays and thank you for what you do every day.Your work here on the frontier of freedom is securing peace not only for the Korean Peninsula, but for the world. All of you left family and friends to come to Korea for a year

  • Voices of the Pack: A1C Bushman

    There’s often a common misconception that the communications squadron is full of “nerds” who are the gurus of fixing the network or maintaining information technology systems. But, there’s a shop within the CS community, specifically at the Wolf Pack, affectionately known as “Cable Dogs” who prove

  • Voices of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Whitney Montoya

    Jumping hurdles, running races and crossing finish lines aren’t actions just reserved for the track. For some, it is a metaphor for life. For SSgt Whitney Montoya, her life race is what drives her forward. Whitney, currently a paralegal with the Wolf Pack’s Area Defense Counsel, didn’t always live

  • Voices of the Pack: A1C Tyler Keiser

    Airman 1st Class Tyler Keiser is a Tactical Aircraft Maintainer with the Wolf Pack and like many Airmen, he has a strong family tie with the military. Tyler is the son of a combat medic and it was this strong tie to service, to his family and country which prompted him to follow in their footsteps

  • Voices of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Kara Tierney

    Staff Sgt. Kara Tierney voice is one that shows how being embarrassed to work in retail and have so much education and nothing to show for it. Coming from a deep rooted family in the military, Kara joined to excel and one day join the ranks of officers to lead, listen and be an ear to those who feel

  • 2017 USFK Men’s Softball Champions

    The Kunsan Wolfpack Men’s Varsity Softball Team competed in the 2017 USFK Post Level Men’s Softball Championship at U.S. Army Garrison-Humphreys, Korea, Aug. 5-6, 2017.

  • Wolf Pack Airmen “Lean in”

    “I prefer male leaders,” “Women are catty,” and “I did not have good female role models” are just a few statements heard during a recent Lean In Together mentoring session conducted at Kunsan Air Base on July 26, 2017.These are commonly held beliefs about female leadership qualities. Frequently,

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    As we approach a ten-foot-tall bronze bell, the heady feel of history weighs heavy in the air. Perhaps it’s the plexiglass dividers separating onlookers from the 18-ton giant or the patina that accentuates its ancient engravings, I know this bell carries a story from long before I was born.It’s not

  • Letter to the Pack: Ops Air Force 2017

    Wolf Pack,You might have seen us around base for the last few weeks (and probably confused us for airman basics in the Dining Facility), but it’s finally time to introduce ourselves, if we haven’t already, and fully explain what we were doing here at Kunsan Air Base.We are cadets from the United