Wolf 57 letter to the Wolf Pack

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Wolf Pack,

Whether you're a seasoned veteran at Kunsan or just getting your legs under you here at the 8th Fighter Wing, I am honored and excited to be your Wolf! The Mission, Airmen, and Heritage of the Wolf Pack keep us all focused on our vital mission.

We have one of the greatest missions in the Air Force right now. We stand on the border between democracy and oppression, ready to defend freedom with our lives. Our joint team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies in the shared cause of peace and security. We do this by fielding a fighting force so lethal, so effective, and so overwhelming that nobody will dare to challenge us.

That mission and that force starts with you, Wolf Pack! Whether you're immediately involved with flightline operations or enabling those operations through combat support, YOU are the power behind our mission. As members of the Pack, you are experts in 149 job specialties, and the team needs you. All of you.

Our nation, this region, and the world have too much at stake for us to fail in our endeavors. Success is in our DNA. As we serve our nation, we will honor our heritage as a fighter wing and as Airmen.

Walking the halls of our buildings, I feel the amazing leadership of my fifty-six predecessors. Their legacy is a strong and focused 8th Fighter Wing, and our legacy will be that we, as a team, made the wing better in our time here.

I see both the collective and individual dedication of our Wolf Pack Airmen and the heritage they stand for. We have achieved success through the strength of the entire Pack—we can only maintain and gain strength as a Pack. We will not tolerate amongst us anything that jeopardizes the Pack—we will treat every member of our team with dignity and respect. We have a common enemy—we will fix our gaze north as a team.

This is my third assignment to Kunsan, and without a doubt it gets better every time. One day you may find yourself back here again. For certain, someone you know will join our ranks. I want you to share in the pride of leaving behind a better and stronger fighter wing and installation when you climb aboard your flight home.

We have our own blood, sweat, and tears invested in the 8th Fighter Wing, and I know that you will remain laser-focused on our enormously important mission. You will remain ready to Fight Tonight.

"Ok Wolf Pack, go get 'em!"