Newcomers - Housing

What to Expect?

All of the housing on Kunsan Air Base is unaccompanied housing. Your sponsor will arrange your housing prior to arrival.
Members are assigned to different housing complexes based on rank and squadron. For more information, please visit the following site:

Pre-Arrival Housing Information

Please contact your sponsor, they will arrange housing for you prior to your arrival to Kunsan AB. For more information, please visit the Housing Office upon arrival.

Preparing your Household Goods

When you're deciding which personal items to ship, the Traffic Management Office should be the first stop after you receive orders. The staff at TMO has a list of weight allowances for household goods and a list of items that can and cannot be shipped.

Upon arrival, government furniture is available in your dorms.
When PSCing to Kunsan AB, you should not ship your washer, dryer, microwave, oven or refrigerator--these items are available in government quarters.

Be prepared to wait 35 to 60 days for your unaccompanied baggage and 60 to 70 days for your household goods from the date of shipment.

Extras to bring with you
Bring linens, blankets, and towels with you. To prevent the possibility of being without sheets, blankets or towels until your baggage arrives, please remember to pack your own in your luggage or mail them to yourself at your unit. If you choose to mail items to yourself, you may be reimbursed for the cost of the postage--contact your origin TMO/CPC for an authorization letter. Your sponsor will be able to assist you with APO mailing information.

Items to typically ship are dependent on you as an individual. The Exchange at Kunsan is small and you may not find all the items you want. Osan has a larger Exchange, but is 2.5 hours away on Wolf Pack Wheels.

Items in which you should bring but not limited to depending on your weight allowance:
- Uniforms
- Civilian Clothing (Warm and Cold Weather) (Rain Wear)
- Entertainment Items...Guitar, Xbox, PS3, Computer, books, etc.
- Cooking items for officers are not provided in the dorms. Recommend bringing plates, pots and pans, silverware, etc. There are microwaves and refrigerators in the officer quarters and shared appliances in the enlisted dorms.

It is important when you arrive that your correct contact information is on file so the appropriate offices may contact you when your property arrives.

For more information, check out www.move.mil.
For information on weigh allowances and other Travel Regulations, visit the Defense Travel Management Office and JFTR.

Temporary Lodging

Temporary Lodging Arrangements
Wolf Pack Lodge

DSN 782-1844 or Comm 063-470-1844
Hours: Daily 24/7

Built in 2010, Wolf Pack Lodge provides great rooms. Space Available reservations are accepted up to 30 days in advance if our occupancy is low. We offer free wireless, a business room for computer use to include a printer, fax machine and copy machine, and a meeting room with occupancy of up to 24 people. We also have a small fitness room, ice machines on every floor, a sundry store, a Rickenbacker's CafĂ© featuring Starbucks coffee, and free washers and dryers.

Join us during your next stay at Kunsan, AB. Call us to make your reservation today.

For more information about Wolf Pack Lodge, check out our website.

Set up P.O. Box

Mail or fax a copy of your orders to your sponsor and they will take it to the post office to set up a P.O. Box for you.

You can use the P.O. Box to start forwarding your mail, especially items like magazines that need up to several weeks lead time for an address change.

If you are sending any packages in advance of your arrival, be sure to keep in mind the following mailing tips:

Addresses/customs forms clearly written: Ensure mailing addresses are clearly written on the box with the return address on the upper left-hand corner. Use proper names in the "to" and "from" lines to make sure the mail gets to its destination on time. Customs forms must list everything contained in the package and cannot have generic terms like "gift" or "present."

Check your mail regularly: Check your mail on a regular basis (every two to three days), or more if expecting packages. After 15 days of sitting on our shelf, they will be returned to sender. If you ship your items too early it may be returned before you have a chance to pick it up.

How to prevent returned mail: To prevent your package from being "returned to sender," contact customer service and put your box on hold if you are going TDY or taking leave for more than 15 days. You may also allow someone else to check your mail by filling out the required paperwork at customer service. Otherwise, mail will be returned.

Mailing restrictions: Do not abuse your military postal system privileges. Various items like alcohol, flammable items, etc., are not authorized for shipping and can't go through the MPS. Find out what you can and cannot send by checking the guidance posted around the Post Office before buying and packaging it. Customs will find unauthorized items and you will be prosecuted and lose your MPO privileges.

Shipping before arrival: Please note issues surrounding sending items here in advance. Specifically, priority mail or better gets packages here with 10-14 day, but standard postage, FEDEX, DHL, etc. will be sent Space-A once it gets to the APO.

Shipping before arrival: Please notify the post office, DSN 782-5514, and
your sponsor of items being sent prior to your arrival as a precautionary to
prevent items being returned.

Current as of April 14, 2021