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Frequently Called Numbers


Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance / Fire / Police:  911     

Off Base: 119

Security Forces Control Center:  782-4944


Agency Numbers:

Medical Group Appointment Line: 782-2273

Civil Engineer Customer Service:  782-5313

Chaplain: 782-4673

Red Cross: 782-4601

Base Operator

  • Out of Country: 011-82-63-470-1110
  • In Country:063-470-1110
  • DSN: 315-782-1110

Command Post

  • Out of Country: 011-82-63-470-6000
  • In Country:063-470-6000
  • DSN: 315-782-6000

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

  • Out of Country: 011-82-63-470-7272
  • In Country:063-470-7272
  • DSN: 315-782-7272
  • 24-Hr Cell Phone: 010-8520-0443

Commercial calls to the U.S.

To call the U.S.: 99-001-1-(XXX)-XXX-XXXX

8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

•        Commercial: 011-82-63-470-4106 or 011-82-63-470-4705

•        DSN: 315-782-4106 or 315-782-4705

The Public Affairs Office cannot redirect calls or provide phone numbers.