Voices of the Pack: A1C Tyler Keiser

  • Published
  • By SrA Coleville Mcfee



Airman 1st Class Tyler Keiser is a Tactical Aircraft Maintainer with the Wolf Pack and like many Airmen, he has a strong family tie with the military. Tyler is the son of a combat medic and it was this strong tie to service, to his family and country which prompted him to follow in their footsteps and join the Air Force.

Before the military, his life consisted of working odd jobs like lumberjack, trail worker and building houses. But, Tyler, the fourth consecutive person in his family to join the military, felt destined to do something greater.

Tyler's great-grandfather served with the Union Army as an infantryman and his grandfather went on to serve with the famous Big Red One. If you're keeping track, he's had family in every war dating back to the Civil War and on top of that he also has relatives in every branch of the military. Values like duty, honor and service were something Tyler was raised on and holds dear.

Tyler's calling was clear-uphold his family's proud heritage and join another family with the military.

Tyler's only question was, which branch best fit. After exploring his options, he felt the Air Force to be the most selective, with the highest standards for its military members. It was the respect, dedication and commitment he saw that strongly appealed to Tyler.

The diverse community of the military only gets smaller and more close-knit when broken into each career field. It becomes something that most call family. Getting a sense of who your fellow Airmen are in your field is an important part of Tyler's time in the Air Force. Now, as a fourth-generation service member, his "family" has extended beyond blood. These men and women aren't just Tyler's coworkers. They are connected. They are his friends. They are his family.