• Dental care: did you know?

    According to the Academy of General Dentistry, the average person only brushes their teeth for 45 to 70 seconds a day. The recommended amount of time is two to three minutes and at least twice per day. Worldwide, one in four adults over 60 has lost all of their permanent teeth. A good oral hygiene

  • Kunsan court-martial shows complexity of sexual assault

    On May 22, 2014, the 8th Fighter Wing stood down flying operations to focus on sexual assault prevention and response. In the Kunsan Air Base courtroom, however, military justice operations were running at full force for a sexual assault general court-martial. Over the course of four days, a panel

  • Weather Airman reveals personal resiliency amidst force shaping

    It was 1999 and a young weather officer appeared to have everything going for him: a wife, Linda, two handsome teenage sons whom he adored, J.R. and Ryan, and a promising Air Force career for this prior-enlisted officer.On the surface things appeared to be going well; however, pressure was mounting

  • BBQ Safety

    The weather is warming up and it's time to bring out the grills for the summer. Here are a few tips to remember while enjoying the nicer weather and grilling.BBQ grills should NEVER be operated under an overhang or within 15 feet of a building. Grill fires on residential properties result in an

  • I will no longer be a victim: A silent victim is a victim forever

    As a young child the horrors of sexual violence arrested my sense of safety, security and the sanctity of my home - robbing me of self-worth, my voice and the development of healthy boundaries. At the age of four I became a guilt-riddled, withdrawn and a painfully shy child. I was frightened of the

  • Fundraiser Q & A

    The Air Force Assistance Fund started Mar. 24, 2014. The legal office has been receiving a lot of fundraising questions lately, so we thought we'd clear the air on some of these issues. We want to help you figure out a way to hold your fundraiser, not to be a barrier. Hopefully this information will

  • Celebrating every woman, everywhere

    From history they march, working alongside men to build nations, homes and families, securing the future for generations to come. Sometimes these remarkable women were seen as out-front leaders, like Lucy Stone who was one of the cornerstones for women's suffrage in the United States. Sometimes they

  • Facing the choices of force management: Three important steps

    Tough choices lie ahead - for many of us individually and for the Air Force as a whole.Due to financial constraints, Air Force leaders have made the tough choice to downsize the force. Right now, we do not know how many people will be let go, but this number may grow to as many as twenty-five

  • Free Tax Preparation for Kunsan Members

    Tax season is upon us. As a military member stationed overseas, you have until June to file, but why wait? Your unit tax advisors are trained and ready to answer any questions you may have and file your income taxes today.Last year, the program saved Kunsan Airmen more than $18,000 in preparation

  • Traffic accidents in Korea: Do you know what to do?

    Do you have car insurance to drive off-base in Korea? Do you know what kind of coverage you purchased? Do you know what to do if you are in an accident off-base? It is incredibly important for you to be able to answer these questions. Korean law differs from American law. Under Korean law, drivers