• Would you like fries with that sex?

    What color? What age? That'll cost $500.Today, people order other human beings just as they would order a Whopper at Burger King. It's fast. It's easy. And you get choices.As sick as that sounds, it is reality. In our consumer-based society, marketing people has become extremely lucrative. It is so

  • Resilience and the Path We Choose

    Recently, I began viewing the television series "The Little House on the Prairie," a favorite television show from my childhood. Mrs. Oleson is one of the featured characters: a wealthy antagonist and a brute of a woman. After viewing each episode I found myself wondering how an individual becomes

  • Hope in the darkest hour

    I recently heard a story of a young man who woke up every day and asked himself what he had to live for. Most would think that was a fairly common question. For this young man however, the difference was the number of reasons he could come up with to live for determined the number of bullets he

  • Trick or treat for teeth

    When you eat or drink sugary food and beverages, do you ever wonder how it can affect your teeth? Sodas, candy, and starchy carbohydrates can have a tremendous impact on healthy teeth. When you drink sugary beverages and eat starchy foods, you're not only feeding yourself, but you are also feeding

  • Stand by your pan

    How often has the doorbell rung or a friend interrupted you while you were cooking, causing you to forget about the chicken you left sizzling on the stove - until smoke filled the house?If this scenario or a similar one sounds familiar to you, you may want to think about it a little more because

  • Red Cross keeps Airmen, families ready

    Disasters can strike at any time. While some disasters such as typhoons or hurricanes give people time to prepare, pack, and evacuate, others like a house fire can happen quickly with no warning. Fleeing your residence in the middle of the night is a devastating and scary experience. Imagine having

  • Immerse yourself

    All my life, I've craved adventure. I've been to several European countries and Canada, and can now add the Republic of Korea to my list of life travels as well. Recently, 11 Wolf Pack Airmen and I were given the opportunity to join 23 other ROK airmen on a two-day tour. The tour included travelling

  • A trip to the demilitarized zone

    Few people ever get the chance to come to Korea, let alone visit the world's most guarded and militarized border. Staff Sgt. Remedios Andaya, Senior Airman Andrew Sneed, Airman 1st Class Nicholas Kiel and I had the opportunity to travel to the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which separates the

  • Why enforce the ‘Standards’

     In the military we constantly refer to "the Standard." Most standards are developed within Air Force instructions or technical orders and are what sets us aside from our civilian counterparts. Webster's dictionary defines a standard as "something established by authority, custom, or general consent

  • Sequestration: Are you ready to fight tonight?

    Is our nation ready to fight the next war? Is the U.S. Air Force ready to fly, fight and win? Are you ready to "take the fight north?" Answers to these questions rely on knowing yourself, the threat, and having Airmen who are leaders and innovators with the ability to overcome difficult challenges.