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  • The perfect Airman

    I'm the perfect Airman ... let me explain.Throughout my career, I've always come in to work on time. Well normally anyway. My uniform always looks sharp, though sometimes I could use a haircut and I might miss a spot shaving.I have a spotless record, unless you consider that I have received a few

  • Nutritional supplements: Buyer beware

    In January 2011 a dietary supplement company based out of Southern Florida announced a recall of one of their weight loss supplements. The reason for the recall was the supplement contained a Food and Drug Administration regulated drug, commonly used as an appetite suppressant for weight loss, but

  • Commentary: Spot the Heroes

    While over-the-top villains and superheroes steal the spotlight, others, the real heroes, shy away from it. It is the reason most people know names like Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and Bruce Wayne, yet they do not recognize the names of Tech. Sgt. Tony Whitley, Airman 1st Class Alex Tilling and Airman

  • What's your story?

    I remember the phone call three years ago like it happened an hour ago. My sister called to tell me our dad had died unexpectedly in his sleep. Among the many emotions I encountered shortly thereafter, I distinctly remember reflecting on my dad's Air Force service as I watched his flag being folded

  • My job is prosecuting sexual assault

    Here's a simple truth...sexual offenders reject our core values of integrity, service and excellence, in favor of following their own base, undisciplined, criminal desires. Most sexual assaults committed by Airmen are "blue on blue," or Airmen victimizing other Airmen. So in addition to rejecting

  • Awards packages: Write to win

    Long ago, I remember going up for Airman of the Quarter at Pope Air Force Base, N.C. My supervisor sat down with me for about five minutes and asked me what I had done the last three months.My answer was short and just focused on the projects I'd completed. I didn't mention anything about improving

  • But I just got that shot

    You actually may not have received this vaccine. The Air Force mandates that its members comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation that all adults will receive a Tdap booster prior to Jan. 1, 2013. The 8th Medical Group won't get a full list of due and overdue names

  • Get ready for Independence Day: Register to vote!

    The days get longer and the heat rises as summer season begins at the Wolf Pack. This means we'll soon celebrate our nation's birthday and all the freedoms that come with it. One of the most important freedoms we serve to protect is our right to vote.June 29 is the beginning of "Overseas Voter

  • Community Standards – With a Dash of Common Sense

    Now that the weather is getting nicer, we're all spending more time outside, and with the "101 Critical Days" right around the corner, I felt it might be time for a few "refreshers" from 8FWI 36-2901, affectionately known as the Community Standards. I like to approach this from a common sense

  • Being a good supervisor and paying it forward

    So, you have just graduated Airmen Leadership School and now that you have returned to your unit, you have been assigned a new airman. Now what do you do? It's simple, just make sure the feedbacks are done and the enlisted performance report is written and you are good to go. Not so fast.Becoming a