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  • 8th CES educate students on fire safety

    The Korean Christian International School visited 8th Civil Engineer Squadron fire house and met with both Korean and American firefighters. The students had a chance to tour the fire station and learn more about being a firefighter.
  • 8 FW brightens up Kunsan with tree lighting ceremony

    The 8th Fighter Wing chapel hosted a small event for the Wolf Pack and the Republic of Korea Air Force’s 38th Fighter Group to kick off the holiday season.
  • 7th AF, 8 FW leaders serve Thanksgiving

    U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, Seventh Air Force commander ,his wife, Cynthia, and other members of Seventh Air Force leadership joined 8th fighter Wing leadership as they prepared and served a Thanksgiving meal to Airmen.
  • Top dog: MWD Ooyvey safeguards Wolf Pack

    Military Working Dogs train on several important aspects of protecting U.S. Air Force assets and personnel The training includes substance detection, which teaches MWDs to seek out and detect explosives, narcotics and other various substances. Additionally, MWDs are highly trained on phases of controlled aggression, which consist of field interviews, pursuit and attacks, search and escorts, search and re-attacks, and stand-offs. Obedience training helps MWDs familiarize with commands from their handlers, as well as teach discipline and attention in preparation for operational obstacles.
  • Deploying mental health care downrange

    Deployed mental health providers play a vital role in delivering medical care downrange, ensuring the health of the warfighter and the mission. Even though service members who deploy are medically ready, both physically and mentally, the rigors of deployment can take a toll.
  • Buddy Squadron enhances USAF-ROKAF alliance

    For more than 20 years, the Republic of Korea Air Force – U.S. Air Force alliance has built trust and competency by participating in a joint training event that both nations benefit from annually.
  • 2018 Wolf Pack recommended holiday season mailing dates

    The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for Airmen to start shipping gifts to families and friends across the globe.
  • 8 FW, ROKAF’s 38 FG strengthen alliance through competition

    Members of the Republic of Korea Air Force and U.S. Air Force gathered for the 2018 US-ROKAF Friendship Day at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, Nov. 9, 2018.
  • 8th Fighter Wing performs critical maintenance, sustains lethality

    The 309th Aircraft Maintenance Group from Hill Air Force Base, Utah, performed critical maintenance on an 8th Fighter Wing F-16 Fighting Falcon as part of an initiative to structurally repair dated parts on some of the aircraft and enhance the lethality of the Wolf Pack fleet.
  • Sustaining the Pack: 8 FW revitalizes base energy utilization

    The 8th Civil Engineer Squadron has launched its latest project to help Kunsan Air Base take its first steps in becoming more energy efficient and environmentally conscious by rolling out phase one of an infrastructure refresh plan with assistance from the Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC.)