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  • Caffeine: Are you taking in too much?

    How many mornings do you start-off by reaching for a cup of coffee, a Red Bull, or some other energy drink...or two, or three? How about throughout the day? Most people are unaware of how much caffeine they are really taking in. Current data suggests that the average American consumes approximately 200 milligrams of caffeine daily, or about 2 cups
  • Smile, Wolf Pack

    I've been told, "every time I see you, you are always smiling." However, trust me when I tell you my life is not perfect. I sometimes feel anxiety, stress, and loneliness like anyone else. I miss my family, my home, and even the long strolls through Target; but these things will not stop me from smiling. The truth of the matter is that a lot of
  • Never saw this coming: Lessons learned in trying times

    I had the world by the tail: U. S. Air Force Academy graduate, Air Force pilot, six-time commander, 30-year Air Force career, and two stars; fit, healthy and strong. But subtle problems appeared out of nowhere: occasional vertigo, mild persistent headaches, cognitive challenges, having to stop during a hard run.I went to see the flight surgeon and
  • Dude, Where’s my refund?

    Over the last two months, the Kunsan Air Base Tax Center has helped 120 customers file 160 returns, garnering more than $120,000 in income tax refunds. Due the popularity of the Tax Center and a volunteer shortage due to preparation for the upcoming compliance inspection, we will not be able to accept any new clients before the April 17 filing
  • Learn from my mistake: Get your CCAF done

    I want to first start off by saying that I absolutely love the Air Force. This July will be 23 years I have served in the greatest Air Force this world has ever seen. I have loved my jobs both on the aircraft maintenance side as well as the first sergeant side. However, there is one regret I have based on a mistake that I think many can learn from.
  • Thank you for your service

    I recently returned from a deployment to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. While there, I was able to see the efforts of our sister services in that area of operations. I was incredibly impressed by the work being done by the Army, Marines and coalition ground forces. They are fully committed to the betterment
  • Fighting cancer with healthy food

    Mounting evidence shows the foods we eat weigh heavily in the war against cancer.A balanced diet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote good health and help protect yourself against cancer. The American Cancer society estimates one-third of all American cancer deaths might be diet-related. The conclusion is really pretty simple:
  • Heat stress: Stay hydrated, watch for flag alerts

    Summer has come upon the Wolf Pack and one of the problems Airmen have during the hot months is heat stress.Heat stress is defined as any thermal stress above normal body temperature applied to the body, primarily from environmental factors, such as ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind and radiant heat from the sun. The body's exact
  • COMPACAF delivers Memorial Day message

    On May 30, 2011, our Memorial Day, we will honor our service members who have paid the ultimate price in the full spectrum of military operations in the defense of our great Nation.We honor the legacy of those who have served and given their all, and certainly inclusive in this long line are our PACAF Airmen and their sacrifices during regional and
  • Find your balance during your time at Kunsan

    Leadership has many definitions and means different things to different people. The Air Force Professional Development Guide says leadership is the art of influencing and directing people to accomplish the mission. In fact, the thing that separates us from every other air force in the world is our ability to push this art down to the lowest