Voices of the Pack: A1C Bushman

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Brittany Curry
  • 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

There’s often a common misconception that the communications squadron is full of “nerds” who are the gurus of fixing the network or maintaining information technology systems. But, there’s a shop within the CS community, specifically at the Wolf Pack, affectionately known as “Cable Dogs” who prove the CS carry their own weight and get down and dirty.

One “Cable Dog” near and dear to the us is Airman First Class Chase Bushman who is cable and antenna technician with the Wolf Pack.

After spending most of his life at Aviano Air Base, Italy, Chase decided it was time to pursue an enlistment with the U.S. Air Force. Serving in the military was not uncharted territory for Chase after growing up with a father, who just so happens to be a retired CS network “nerd”.

As a “Cable Dog”, Chase played an important role in the base’s transition from copper cables to fiber optic cables which help enhance the infrastructure of Kunsan—a process that requires some heavy lifting. But no worries, Chase spends his free time training as a power lifter, which he says helps him carry out his duties on the job – no big deal!

However, power lifting isn’t Chase’s only passion. Chances are you’re wearing a watch on your wrist, and chances are Chase knows what model it is and how much it costs. He loves devoting his time to learning about watches, the history they have and has even started to learn how to refurbish and restore them.

He’s started to rack up a bit of a collection, and he’s eager to talk about the history and mechanics of his 1950s Omega time piece! Hearing Chase talk about his passion is very contagious, so it is highly recommended if you ask him about his passion you have some time set aside.

The kind of devotion Chase puts into his power lifting and watch knowledge clearly translates into his dedication to his job. Technique, form, skill, drive—the list goes on—all characteristics Chase exudes on and off the clock.

Chase plans to continue his work ethic with his goals to complete his Community College of the Air Force associate’s degree and desires to become a family therapist one day. Although, his dream job is to refurbish and broker watches!

Unfortunately, Chase’s time at Kunsan is ticking away as he’s headed off to… *drum roll, please* …Aviano AB! Right back to the familiar place that he calls home.

Best of luck Chase! We will be watching to see all of the amazing things you will do for the U.S. Air Force. Hopefully your time with the Wolf Pack was worthwhile!

(A note from the writers, we do not apologize for our overzealous use of puns in the creation of this post)