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  • Relationships facilitate mission success

    A mentor of mine once said, "Relationships matter, that's how we get things done in the Air Force." My squadron recently deployed to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska to conduct training on one of our nation's premier air-to-surface bombing ranges in the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex. Among other tasks, our training plan involved conducting close
  • For this, we can be truly thankful

    The Pilgrims landed in the New World in the winter of 1621. We celebrate their arrival in our history classes and their survival at our Thanksgiving tables every year. But how often do we consider their struggle to survive and their faith that saw them through? Of the 109 that landed that day, almost half were dead before the next fall. In fact,
  • The pain of isolation

    Most people don't know me as the daughter of a man who committed suicide -- but I am. I have spent the last 18 years and 11 months dodging an often-used statistic which condemns me to follow in his footsteps. According to an April 2010 New York Times article, children whose parents commit suicide are twice as likely to kill themselves. Whether this
  • Staying persistent

    Over the years, I've received a lot advice on how to be successful. I want to share with you the one piece of advice that has given me the most payoff: "persistence" or the act of persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles or discouragement.As an Airman, I set goals for myself, wrote them down and put them on the mirror in my room.
  • Veterans Day: The real heroes

    Veterans Day is coming. I remember marching in the Veterans Day parade in San Angelo, Texas, last year. And I remember my feelings as if that parade was yesterday. As my formation wound its way along the route, I was amazed to see the size of the crowds. It seemed the entire town came out to honor us and all veterans. I was proud and humbled that
  • Insight to the assignment system

    I've been involved with the Air Force assignment system for more than 20 years and I want to share a few tips to help prepare you for your follow-on assignment after Kunsan Air Base or increase your chances for your dream assignments later in your career. Follow these tips and your assignment experience will be more enjoyable. 1) Be proactive and
  • The new ACE

    In this ever-slimming Air Force, we see force reductions in many different ways. To succeed, we must thrive in our jobs and as Airmen. We should strengthen our force by highlighting members who rise above others. As Airmen, we are not afforded many opportunities to put ourselves out there and show everyone what we can do. The new Airmen Committed
  • Standards? What standards?

    Recently, I was asked the difference between a good NCO and a great NCO. Well, I answered the question as best I could but failed to mention "standards." You see, a good NCO sets his sights on just "meeting" standards, while a great NCO is continually trying to "exceed" standards and motivates his Airmen to do the same. Webster's Dictionary defines
  • Look beyond the bullet

    Have you ever heard someone say, "You should do that; it would make a great bullet"?Bullets on an enlisted performance report can be daunting when the pressure to go the extra mile replaces the motivation for self-improvement and a dedication to serve.Last time I checked, the Air Force motto wasn't to 'Fly, Fight and Write Strong Bullets.' The
  • Heat adaptation: Preparing the human weapon system

    The summer season is in full swing here at Kunsan Air Base. Along with the good times associated with this time of year comes a host of human performance threats to include heat stress.In the last two years alone, the 8th Medical Group has treated 14 heat-illness cases. There are some variables we have little to no control over, like the wet bulb