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  • Immerse yourself

    All my life, I've craved adventure. I've been to several European countries and Canada, and can now add the Republic of Korea to my list of life travels as well. Recently, 11 Wolf Pack Airmen and I were given the opportunity to join 23 other ROK airmen on a two-day tour. The tour included travelling to Sunchang Gochujang Village, ROK, Mount
  • A trip to the demilitarized zone

    Few people ever get the chance to come to Korea, let alone visit the world's most guarded and militarized border. Staff Sgt. Remedios Andaya, Senior Airman Andrew Sneed, Airman 1st Class Nicholas Kiel and I had the opportunity to travel to the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which separates the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of
  • Why enforce the ‘Standards’

     In the military we constantly refer to "the Standard." Most standards are developed within Air Force instructions or technical orders and are what sets us aside from our civilian counterparts. Webster's dictionary defines a standard as "something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model, or example." We weigh our performance
  • Sequestration: Are you ready to fight tonight?

    Is our nation ready to fight the next war? Is the U.S. Air Force ready to fly, fight and win? Are you ready to "take the fight north?" Answers to these questions rely on knowing yourself, the threat, and having Airmen who are leaders and innovators with the ability to overcome difficult challenges. One of those difficult challenges today is
  • Sexual Assault, what about personal responsibility?

    Usually when I'm facilitating group discussions on sexual assault someone inevitably says - "okay, I know sexual assault is wrong, got it - the person who committed the assault is the only one to blame, check - but really, at the end of the day aren't we all responsible for ourselves?" A lot of people are probably thinking that. Someone might even
  • Family resiliency

    Being separated from our families when on a remote tour or deployment can be challenging. It's important to work at being a resilient family during these times. Resilient families can survive and indeed thrive while separated from each other. A family member's ability to manage hardships while remaining resilient will contribute to the overall
  • What makes an organization successful?

    As I spend time looking through the dozens of leadership books that fill the shelves of bookstores everywhere, both physical and electronic, it amazes me how many different "experts" have the solution for building the perfect organization. Whether it's creating the best multi-million dollar corporation, local franchise restaurant or Boy Scout
  • It’s all about family

    You heard it when you arrived: "Welcome to the Wolf Pack Family." Or maybe you've heard people talk about the Air Force Family. When I speak with the Airmen in the Operations Group, I speak about being a family. So why do Air Force leaders refer to family when we talk about our organization? I can't speak for others, but I can tell you why I
  • Give thanks in every circumstance

    As I was dealing with emotions in response to the third crazy event of the day -- I reflected on a lesson I was taught as a child -- "give thanks in every circumstance."Returning to my room, I thought about where I was a year ago, in Iraq with U.S. Special Forces closing bases and drawing down the United States' presence after eight years of
  • Attitude and Action

    The United States Air Force Academy invited me to speak to the cadet wing in 2008. At that time I didn't realize the topic of my discussion would be so relevant to my Air Force career and specifically to my time as a commander. The Air Force currently finds itself depicted in an unflattering light in the national news and is struggling in a period