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  • 2017 USFK Men’s Softball Champions

    The Kunsan Wolfpack Men’s Varsity Softball Team competed in the 2017 USFK Post Level Men’s Softball Championship at U.S. Army Garrison-Humphreys, Korea, Aug. 5-6, 2017.
  • Wolf Pack Airmen “Lean in”

    “I prefer male leaders,” “Women are catty,” and “I did not have good female role models” are just a few statements heard during a recent Lean In Together mentoring session conducted at Kunsan Air Base on July 26, 2017.These are commonly held beliefs about female leadership qualities. Frequently, gender bias is not manifested in crude slurs or by
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    As we approach a ten-foot-tall bronze bell, the heady feel of history weighs heavy in the air. Perhaps it’s the plexiglass dividers separating onlookers from the 18-ton giant or the patina that accentuates its ancient engravings, I know this bell carries a story from long before I was born.It’s not until it rings, though, that its age is defied by
  • Letter to the Pack: Ops Air Force 2017

    Wolf Pack,You might have seen us around base for the last few weeks (and probably confused us for airman basics in the Dining Facility), but it’s finally time to introduce ourselves, if we haven’t already, and fully explain what we were doing here at Kunsan Air Base.We are cadets from the United States Air Force Academy who had the privilege to
  • Wolf 57 letter to the Wolf Pack

    Wolf 57 provides initial thoughts to the Wolf Pack after taking over as the 8th Fighter Wing commander.
  • When the helper asks for help

    Over the last 10 years, I have seen a lot of different reactions when it comes to the topic of mental health. While the attitude toward mental health has changed for the better, I continue to hear some of the same concerns I heard years ago. The one that comes up most frequently is that talking to mental health providers will somehow damage one’s
  • CrossFit: Helpful or Harmful?

    CrossFit is a popular workout routine combining strength training, Olympic style weight lifting, speed work and plyometrics.  The increasing popularity has also led to some extreme opinions about the program. Answering the question whether CrossFit is safe or dangerous has become increasingly complex. Some CrossFit exercises are quite difficult and
  • A resilient Airman’s story

    “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall--what matters most is how many times you stand up, shake it off, and move forward.”   Knowing how to balance physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual areas of our lives is key to building resiliency.   I would like to share story of an Airman, who, despite a broken relationship, was able to recover
  • Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage month is a time of celebration on how all come together as one; not caring the nationality each of us comes from.  Over 52 million strong, Latinos are affecting every aspect of the national landscape--military, pop culture, the workforce consumption, politics and America's identity as a nation.   But you may ask yourself, why does
  • JOINTNESS - What does it mean to you?

    As I walk around Kunsan Air Base, I can't help but think of the word "joint", whether Sailor, Soldier, Airman, Marine or in Kunsan's case, fellow Korean forces, as we all come together as one team, one fight. I have been assigned to joint commands before and although the missions get tougher, the "jointness" with the other services has gotten