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  • Take time for you

    Most of us get wrapped up in our daily work routines and often forget to take a little time for ourselves and to care for ourselves. What do I mean by that? For the past 10 months at Kunsan, we've all put in a lot of hard work and long hours to ensure that we were ready to "Take the Fight North" and make certain that we were successful in our
  • Closing the numerical gap with training, combat edge, teamwork

    Every day the Wolf Pack is charged with the responsibility of deterring North Korean aggression, and if called, defeating the world's fourth largest military. The demand our commander in chief places upon the professionalism and capability of U.S. Forces Korea, to include the Wolf Pack, is such that less than 30,000 military members on the Korean
  • Protect yourself from Asian Dust, Yellow Sand, HwangSa

    Welcome to Korea ... or welcome back to Korea. Many of you have first-hand experience or have heard second-hand about the air quality in Korea. With 14 million people gathered in one area, some are bound to create some sort of pollution with the most obvious air pollution problems in Seoul. Some days are better than others, and it is comparable to
  • Law Day 2011: The Legacy of John Adams

    In 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the first Law Day as a national day to mark our commitment to the rule of law. Three years later, Congress issued a joint resolution designating May 1 as the official date for celebrating Law Day. This year's theme for Law Day is, "The Legacy of John Adams: From Boston to Guantanamo." The 8th
  • Leaving a legacy

    When I was asked to write a commentary, I realized I've been at Kunsan for 10 months and my tour is winding down. So Wolf Pack, for many of us, we're almost there -- the year for those of us who arrived last summer is almost over. Soon we'll move on to new adventures, and the Wolf Pack will move forward with new leadership and new challenges to
  • Would you rather work harder or work smarter?

    In the words of a well-known song,"You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser"You gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger ..."Time asks no questions it goes on without you, leaving you behind if you can't stand the pace ..."Today's Air Force is expected to do as much or more than it always has, but with much lower
  • Keys to success help all meet milestones

    Hello Wolf Pack! This year has been packed with successes, tragedies, new relationships, celebrations, traditions, and lessons learned and shared, all to make us more resilient. You, Wolf Pack, have added depth, character and color to my life, you've challenged me to lead, and you've made me get out of my comfort zone (and the proverbial box) on
  • Sexual assault prevention begins with each Airman

    The day we move away from home for the first time is a big stepping stone for most of us. It is the first time we are truly on our own, no longer dependent on our family to provide us with shelter and food. While most of us are excited to move out, there are small considerations that should come to mind during that time, one of them being personal
  • Biological, chemical warfare agents have roles in today’s, yesterday’s wars

    "Gas, gas, gas!" is a phrase many of us have heard during exercises and readiness training. No matter how long you have been around the military, whether you are new to the Air Force or near retirement, we all have heard of biological and chemical warfare agents. We have all done the computer-based training, hands-on training, briefings, numerous
  • Proper litter carry ensures patient safety

    Your alarm goes off, it's 4 p.m. on day four of a base exercise, and the weather is one of Kunsan's cold, snowy, winter nights. After reporting to work and finding your wingman, you begin the waiting game. Soon enough your patience is rewarded and the alarms start to sound. You hear the order for post-attack reconnaissance teams to begin sweeps of