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  • “Katchi Kapshida!” An alliance 70 years strong

    Col Henry R. Jeffress III, commander, 8th Fighter Wing, Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea and Col Oh Chung-won, commander, 38th Fighter Group, ROKAF offer their thoughts on the 70th Anniversary of the ROK-US alliance.

  • Hearts Apart

    I knew my short tour in Korea would be difficult for my one-year-old but would be especially tough for my five-year-old son. Months before I left for Kunsan, I started thinking about how I would tell him I was leaving for Korea, how long I was going to be gone for and why I was leaving in the first

  • Why Earth Day, Kunsan environmental programs are more relevant than ever

    A few years ago, I took a trip to Maine and camped at Acadia National and Baxter State Parks with my wife. From the tops of Cadillac and Katahdin I recall being exhausted, but also overcome by the vast and rugged beauty of Maine’s coast and deep interior forestlands. As an American I am proud that

  • A different kind of duty reinforced my faith in the AF system

    In my relatively short time as a voting, active U.S. citizen above the age of 18, I’ve been called for jury selection in my home district once -- but spent the majority of my mandatory days off waiting in a small room with other prospective jurors glancing at the clock, waiting to be told “yes,

  • Happy New Year Wolf Pack: 2019 will be an amazing year!

    2018 was without a doubt an exciting time to be a member of our Air Force’s most mission-focused and combat ready Fighter Wing. The 8th Fighter Wing was instrumental in the maximum pressure campaign that enabled the ongoing diplomatic efforts toward stability on the Korean Peninsula. To be clear,

  • Bringing us back: the Chaplain Corps' critical role in AF resiliency

    It was sunny, 75 degrees, and breezy outside in the San Diego spring. Tourists strolled the marina and lazed on the pier while sailboats careened through the bay, their wakes trailing brightly in the lapping waves.The scene was whimsical, carefree – the image of leisure.I, however, was inside the

  • Letter to the Pack: Holiday Message

    Wolf Pack, As the calendar year comes to a close, I want to wish you happy holidays and thank you for what you do every day.Your work here on the frontier of freedom is securing peace not only for the Korean Peninsula, but for the world. All of you left family and friends to come to Korea for a year

  • Voices of the Pack: A1C Bushman

    There’s often a common misconception that the communications squadron is full of “nerds” who are the gurus of fixing the network or maintaining information technology systems. But, there’s a shop within the CS community, specifically at the Wolf Pack, affectionately known as “Cable Dogs” who prove

  • Voices of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Whitney Montoya

    Jumping hurdles, running races and crossing finish lines aren’t actions just reserved for the track. For some, it is a metaphor for life. For SSgt Whitney Montoya, her life race is what drives her forward. Whitney, currently a paralegal with the Wolf Pack’s Area Defense Counsel, didn’t always live

  • Voices of the Pack: A1C Tyler Keiser

    Airman 1st Class Tyler Keiser is a Tactical Aircraft Maintainer with the Wolf Pack and like many Airmen, he has a strong family tie with the military. Tyler is the son of a combat medic and it was this strong tie to service, to his family and country which prompted him to follow in their footsteps