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Default Air Force Logo Seven steps toward being more 'resilient'
May's Pacific Air Forces Resilient Warrior campaign initiative focuses on "Perseverance" and the 8th Medical Group is here to assist. The goal of this month is to highlight the importance of overcoming difficulty, pressing on despite setbacks and developing resiliency to minimize the impact of future set backs. The concept of resiliency summarizes
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Default Air Force Logo Wolf Pack more than ready to execute three-tiered mission
Wolf Pack warriors, as you read this article we'll be at war -- war during our 2007 Operational Readiness Inspection. This is your time to shine. Throughout the year you have built and maintained a team like none other, have taken on every task and performed that task with excellence as your hallmark.   You're a team filled with the Wolf Pack's
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Default Air Force Logo Right start, right finish
  On March 6, 2007, the Pacific Air Forces Inspector General started the 8th Fighter Wing's Operational Readiness Inspection with a non-combatant evacuation operation, or NEO exercise. First impressions are everything; if the wing tubed it, we may have never recovered from it. But, since the wing shined like I knew we would, we established an
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Default Air Force Logo Resilient Warriors: Adaptability at the Wolf Pack
  Gen. Paul V. Hester announced 2007 as the year of the 'Resilient Warrior' for Pacific Air Forces. As the Air Force reduces its numbers through Presidential Budget Decision, or 'PBD-720,' increased operations tempo and additional, numerous deployments, Airmen throughout the command are being stressed more than they have ever been.   And the month
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