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Col. David G. Shoemaker Letter to the Pack: Holiday Message
Wolf Pack, As the calendar year comes to a close, I want to wish you happy holidays and thank you for what you do every day.Your work here on the frontier of freedom is securing peace not only for the Korean Peninsula, but for the world. All of you left family and friends to come to Korea for a year in service to your country. While the holidays
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Airman First Class Chase Bushman executing his duties as a cable and antenna technician for the 8th Fighter Wing's 8th Communications Squadron. Voices of the Pack: A1C Bushman
There’s often a common misconception that the communications squadron is full of “nerds” who are the gurus of fixing the network or maintaining information technology systems. But, there’s a shop within the CS community, specifically at the Wolf Pack, affectionately known as “Cable Dogs” who prove the CS carry their own weight and get down and dirty. One “Cable Dog” near and dear to us is Airman First Class Chase Bushman who is cable and antenna technician with the Wolf Pack.
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Staff Sgt. Montoya is an Area Defense Counsel paralegal assigned to the 8th Fighter Wing. Voices of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Whitney Montoya
Jumping hurdles, running races and crossing finish lines aren’t actions just reserved for the track. For some, it is a metaphor for life. For SSgt Whitney Montoya, her life race is what drives her forward. Whitney, currently a paralegal with the Wolf Pack’s Area Defense Counsel, didn’t always live the life of a military justice advisor. When she first entered into the U.S. Air Force in 2008, she was a small-town girl with a Security Forces contract and classmates who thought she was crazy for choosing the military over college. But that didn’t stop her.
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U.S. Air Force Airmen First Class Tyler Keiser marshals an F-16 Fighting Falcon at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, July. 27, 2017.  The F-16 went through final checks before flight. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman. Coleville Mcfee) Voices of the Pack: A1C Tyler Keiser
Airman 1st Class Tyler Keiser is a Tactical Aircraft Maintainer with the Wolf Pack and like many Airmen, he has a strong family tie with the military. Tyler is the son of a combat medic and it was this strong tie to service, to his family and country which prompted him to follow in their footsteps and join the Air Force. Before the military, his life consisted of working odd jobs like lumberjack, trail worker and building houses. But, Tyler, the fourth consecutive person in his family to join the military, felt destined to do something greater. Tyler's great-grandfather served with the Union Army as an infantryman and his grandfather went on to serve with the famous Big Red One. If you're keeping track, he's had family in every war dating back to the Civil War and on top of that he also has relatives in every branch of the military. Values like duty, honor and service were something Tyler was raised on and holds dear. Tyler's calling was clear-uphold his family's proud heritage and join another family with the military. Tyler's only question was, which branch best fit. After exploring his options, he felt the Air Force to be the most selective, with the highest standards for its military members. It was the respect, dedication and commitment he saw that strongly appealed to Tyler. The diverse community of the military only gets smaller and more close-knit when broken into each career field. It becomes something that most call family. Getting a sense of who your fellow Airmen are in your field is an important part of Tyler's time in the Air Force. Now, as a fourth-generation service member, his "family" has extended beyond blood. These men and women aren't just Tyler's coworkers. They are connected. They are his friends. They are his family.
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1 Voices of the Pack: Staff Sgt. Kara Tierney
Staff Sgt. Kara Tierney voice is one that shows how being embarrassed to work in retail and have so much education and nothing to show for it. Coming from a deep rooted family in the military, Kara joined to excel and one day join the ranks of officers to lead, listen and be an ear to those who feel they don’t get their voices heard. Being at Kunsan as a personnellist is a challenging task just as any job in the Air Force is. Most families may not understand what we go through here and being away from her son and family is tough and we all know and feel the burden of being alone, but the motivation to keep the mission going with the support of her friends and coworkers are what keeps Kara ready. Getting a chance to meet Airmen around Kunsan is one of the benefits of being in public affairs since we always share what’s going on. Focusing on the Airmen and their voice is how we learn, grow and recognize Airmen.
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Top Row (Left to Right)
SrA Tyler Skurka, SSgt James Beaulieu, SSgt Richard Olney, TSgt Matthew Copley, A1C Joel Shaffer,  
MSgt Matthew Foote, SSgt Nicholas Ott, MSgt Jesse Crose
Bottom Row (Left to Right)
SSgt Matthew Byous, SSgt Jose Bastardo, SrA Darren Walters, SSG William Yongue, SSgt Derek Sizemore, 
TSgt Kyle Salyer, SFC Vince Grady, SSgt Scott Huckins

Not Pictured:
SMSgt Ronely Rivera-Ortiz, MSgt Daryl Allen, MSgt David Ohl, SSgt Justin Gates, SrA Hayden George, 
SSgt Aaron Lehman, SSgt Chris Perry, SSgt Ramon Santiago, SSgt Alex Tamsen 2017 USFK Men’s Softball Champions
The Kunsan Wolfpack Men’s Varsity Softball Team competed in the 2017 USFK Post Level Men’s Softball Championship at U.S. Army Garrison-Humphreys, Korea, Aug. 5-6, 2017.
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U.S. Air Force members discuss topics during a Leanin Together luncheon on Aug. 26, 2017 at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea. The Leanin Together luncheon is a mentorship program which provides a forum to empower women to strengthen peer to peer bonds, enhance professional and personal growth, provide mentorship and guidance in an environment where women are comfortable discussing difficult yet common issues. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Colville McFee/Released) Wolf Pack Airmen “Lean in”
“I prefer male leaders,” “Women are catty,” and “I did not have good female role models” are just a few statements heard during a recent Lean In Together mentoring session conducted at Kunsan Air Base on July 26, 2017.These are commonly held beliefs about female leadership qualities. Frequently, gender bias is not manifested in crude slurs or by
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U.S. Army Private First Class, Katy Gomez, chaplain assistant, drinks from a ladle at a Bulguksa Temple purification fountain in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, July 19, 2017. Prior to entering Korean temples, guests are encouraged to purify themselves by rinsing their hands and mouths. Nearly 100 USFK members were invited by the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs to tour this location and other historic sites across the ROK as part of an initiative to give U.S. personnel a better understanding of Korean culture and patriotism. (U.S. Air Force photo by 1st Lt. Lauren Linscott/Released) For Whom the Bell Tolls
As we approach a ten-foot-tall bronze bell, the heady feel of history weighs heavy in the air. Perhaps it’s the plexiglass dividers separating onlookers from the 18-ton giant or the patina that accentuates its ancient engravings, I know this bell carries a story from long before I was born.It’s not until it rings, though, that its age is defied by
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U.S. Air Force Academy Cadet 2nd Class Ryan Ramseyer climbs a ladder during a fire training challenge at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, July 11, 2017. During the course of approximately two weeks between their sophomore and junior years, cadets from the Academy visit bases around the Air Force to develop their knowledge of jobs they can apply for. The immersion program, known as Operation Air Force is vital to ensuring future leaders are aware of the jobs available to them and the impact their leadership will have once they commission. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Michael Hunsaker/Released) Letter to the Pack: Ops Air Force 2017
Wolf Pack,You might have seen us around base for the last few weeks (and probably confused us for airman basics in the Dining Facility), but it’s finally time to introduce ourselves, if we haven’t already, and fully explain what we were doing here at Kunsan Air Base.We are cadets from the United States Air Force Academy who had the privilege to
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Col. David Shoemaker, 8th Fighter Wing commander. Wolf 57 letter to the Wolf Pack
Wolf 57 provides initial thoughts to the Wolf Pack after taking over as the 8th Fighter Wing commander.
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