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  • Safety helps prevent mishaps to support all elements of Wolf Pack mission

    When most Airmen are asked how they support the Wolf Pack Mission of Defend the Base, Accept Follow-On Forces, and Take the Fight North, they usually focus on one of the elements."Where don't we support the mission?" is the response from the 8th Fighter Wing safety office.The wing safety office helps prevent mishaps from happening, thus protecting
  • Sexual Assault--act before it's too late

    Face it Wolf Pack, the ugly truth is sexual assaults are happening right now in our home-towns, across our country and in our military. According to a recent Department of Defense report on sexual assault more than 2,900 cases were reported during fiscal 2008; in the same amount of time it took us to show our war-fighting ability during our
  • Wolf Hour on AFN Kunsan, 17 Jul 2008

    Colonel Bryan Bearden, 8th Fighter Wing commander, spoke to Wolf Pack members via his weekly Wolf's Hours radio show on AFN Kunsan, July 17. Colonel Bearden took time to address some recent concerns and specifically spoke about discipline, accountability and respect. Part 1--Discipline, Accountability and Respect Part 2--Peninsula Operation
  • Father, son team up to bring Wolf Pack its weapons

    One builds them, the other inspects them. That's the relationship between two members of the 8th Maintenance Squadron munitions flight here. It's also the relationship between a father and his son. Master Sgt. Torre Phillips and his son, Senior Airman David Phillips, work hand-in-hand to ensure Kunsan's many missiles and bombs are ready to be
  • Wolf Pack officer represents PACAF during Air Force Marathon

    He's been training for weeks, preparing his mind and body for arguably the Air Force's most-strenuous physical competition: the annual Air Force Marathon. For Capt. Jeremiah Reed, an e-mail from the base's fitness and sports center director revealed he wasn't representing the 8th Fighter Wing "Wolf Pack" during the event. He'd be representing all
  • Deployed Holloman Airmen live, eat and sleep on a hill the base calls Wolf Pack Pack, but they call it 'Home Sweet Home'

      They get up in the morning like any other Wolf Pack member. They shower, they brush their teeth, they put on a pressed uniform and out the door they go. The only difference: that door opens to a view overlooking the entire base.   The men and women of the 9th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, who deployed here in early January, have integrated into