Newcomer's Information


Welcome to the Pack!

   Before Arrival

    1. Contact your sponsor

    No matter how many times you've PCS'd or even if you've been assigned to Kunsan before, you need to make contact with your sponsor to make sure you're     aware of the latest in-processing policies and requirements BEFORE you arrive.

    Your sponsor is the key to your successful PCS and should be your first stop for information concerning travel to Kunsan AB. They also have information on local     transportation modes that can save you valuable time and hassle upon arrival.

    Due to a recent change from the Korean government, Vonage is no longer accessible in Korea but Magic Jack is. All services must be used through LG Daecom at Kunsan     AB. We recommend you ask for a sponsor at least 90 days before you depart your present assignment. Kunsan AB has group Command Support Staffs so you might need     to contact one of the following: 8MSG/CSS, 8MXG/CSS, 8OG/CSS or 8MDG/CSS which can be found in the global. If you belong to a Detachment, AFN, Army or 8th FW     tenant unit please search the Kunsan AB global for the appropriate agency and contact them via email.

    Additionally, you can contact the INTRO monitor Airman and Family Readiness Center at your current base for assistance. The INTRO program manager will help you     obtain a sponsor. Once you receive your orders, forward a copy to your sponsor. If you are unable to contact your sponsor, contact the group command support staff at     your gaining unit or your local Airman and Family Readiness Center.

    All personnel who PCS to Kunsan will arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN) located about 25 miles west of Seoul, Korea or Via Patriot Express directly into Kunsan     AB.

    For those arriving ICN you will go through Immigrations and then Customs. Due to the mission at Kunsan, sponsors may not be able to meet incoming personnel at     Incheon. After exiting the secure area turn RIGHT and walk to the end of the Air Terminal. The last area on the LEFT (Near gate 14A) is a U.S. Military Reception Center     with military personnel in uniform waiting to assist you with any questions you have. Check with them on the bus schedule and catch the next bus to Kunsan Air Base. DO     NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM INCHEON TO KUNSAN! (YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR IT ON YOUR TRAVEL VOUCHER)! Once you arrive at Kunsan your     sponsor should meet you and take you to the Billeting Office. If at this point you still have not been assigned a sponsor call DSN 315-782-6000 for the Command Post to     locate someone from your unit to assist you.

    Due to the unique mission at Kunsan AB newcomers often arrive only to find their sponsor is on their Mid-tour leave. To ensure you have someone to meet you and show     you around please make every effort to contact your group's Command Support Staff (CSS) and flight chief to let them know when you are arriving. If you have had limited     contact with your sponsor or have not received your sponsor please locate a contact number for your gaining unit or call 315-782-1110 (base operator) to be connected to     your assigned squadron.

    If you do not have a mail box your mailing address will be as follows: Rank, Name, PSC 2 Box 5000, APO AP 96264. It is advisable for you to contact someone from your     unit if you have not been assigned a sponsor to ensure you receive as much assistance as possible before you arrive.

    Your sponsor is there to assist you in getting settled here in Korea.

    Upon arrival to Korea, they should arrange for your transportation as well as work with you all the way through your in-processing timeline.

    Within your first week of arrival, military members will be required to attend two days of in-processing. Whether coming in on the Patriot Express or Commercial flight from     ICN.

    Use this site as your one-stop shopping for all the information you need to fully prepare you for PCSing to Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea (ROK).

    Good luck and welcome to the Wolf Pack!

    2. Set Up P.O Box

    Mail or fax a copy of your orders to your sponsor and they will take it to the post office to set up a P.O. Box for you.

    You can use the P.O. Box to start forwarding your mail, especially items like magazines that need up to several weeks lead time for an address change.

    If you are sending any packages in advance of your arrival, be sure to keep in mind the following mailing tips:

    Addresses/customs forms clearly written: Ensure mailing addresses are clearly written on the box with the return address on the upper left-hand corner. Use proper     names in the "to" and "from" lines to make sure the mail gets to its destination on time. Customs forms must list everything contained in the package and cannot have     generic terms like "gift" or "present."

    Check your mail regularly: Check your mail on a regular basis (every two to three days), or more if expecting packages. After 15 days of sitting on our shelf, they will be r     eturned to sender. If you ship your items too early it may be returned before you have a chance to pick it up.

    How to prevent returned mail: To prevent your package from being "returned to sender," contact customer service and put your box on hold if you are going TDY or     taking leave for more than 15 days. You may also allow someone else to check your mail by filling out the required paperwork at customer service. Otherwise, mail will be     returned.

    Mailing restrictions: Do not abuse your military postal system privileges. Various items like alcohol, flammable items, etc., are not authorized for shipping and can't go     through the MPS. Find out what you can and cannot send by checking the guidance posted around the Post Office before buying and packaging it. Customs will find     unauthorized items and you will be prosecuted and lose your MPO privileges.

    Shipping before arrival: Please note issues surrounding sending items here in advance. Specifically, priority mail or better gets packages here with 10-14 day, but     standard postage, FEDEX, DHL, etc. will be sent Space-A once it gets to the APO.

    Shipping before arrival: Please notify the post office, DSN 782-5514, and
    your sponsor of items being sent prior to your arrival as a precautionary to
    prevent items being returned.

    3. Temporary Lodging

    Temporary Lodging Arrangements

    Wolf Pack Lodge

DSN 782-1844 or Comm 063-470-1844
    Hours: Daily 24/7

    Built in 2010, Wolf Pack Lodge provides rooms. Space Available reservations are accepted up to 120 days in advance if our occupancy is low. We offer free wireless, a     business room for computer use to include a printer, fax machine and copy machine, and a meeting room with occupancy of up to 24 people. We also have a small fitness r     oom, ice machines on every floor, a sundry store, a Rickenbacker's Café featuring Starbucks coffee, and free washers and dryers.

    Join us during your next stay at Kunsan, AB. Call us to make your reservation today.

    4. Pre-Arrival Housing Information

    Please contact your sponsor, they will arrange housing for you prior to your arrival to Kunsan AB. For more information, please visit Upon Arrival, Housing.

    5. POV Shipping

    Only E-7s and above are entitled to ship one POV regardless of the type of tour. Personnel contemplating shipment of a two-wheeled motorized vehicle, including mopeds,     should contact their gaining unit regarding operation/registration procedures. Unleaded fuel is available on-base.

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved testing of catalytic systems on POVs operating in Korea. This eliminates the requirement to remove catalytic     converters from POVs. Under the DOD POV Import Control Program, the removal of catalytic converters is voluntary. If catalytic converters are not removed, unleaded fuel     must be used. All POV's have to be registered through the Korean authorities.

    In order for any USFK service members in the grades of E-6 and below to be eligible to be issued, or re-issued a POV operator's license, authorization is required from their     squadron commander.

    The legal status of U.S. Forces personnel in Korea is determined by an international agreement between the United States and the Republic of Korea (ROK) called the U.S.     and ROK Status of Forces Agreement.

    Your assignment in Korea not only helps the ROK, it helps the U.S. accomplish important foreign policy objectives. This does not entitle you to any special privileges,     except for those provided in the SOFA.

    On the other hand, the ROK is very willing for you to live and work in as familiar an environment as possible and to have for your personal use the same type of services     and facilities that you enjoy back home. In return for having these things, which are generally not as readily available to its own citizens, the ROK government makes two r     equests:

         1. That you respect the ROK laws, and
         2. That you do not allow the privileges granted U.S. forces to harm the nation's economy or that of its citizens.

    The SOFA gives you benefits and protection. It enables you to enjoy the benefits of exchanges, commissaries, military clubs, banks/credit unions and postal services. It     protects your legal and civil rights in case you are involved in an accident or suspected of a violation of ROK law.

    The SOFA also provides that the ROK government will take jurisdiction over USFK personnel only for those offenses which violate ROK laws, such as causing the death of     another person, robbery, rape, or attempts to commit such offenses. Offenders remain in U.S. custody until all judicial proceedings are completed.

    Black-marketing and drug abuse are two particularly serious offenses in Korea. Selling or transferring items brought into the country duty free to someone who's not     authorized the same privilege is black-marketing. This covers everything from cigarettes to TV sets.

    Drug laws in Korea are extremely rigid; do not violate them.

    Before shipping your POV, you should consider the following:
         · Body damage: If your car has severe body damage it will not be allowed on the road
         · Tires: Tires must have a minimum of one millimeter (1 mm) depth over the entire tread and to be the sizes recommended by the manufacturer and do not stick out               beyond the fender. Additionally, DO NOT mix radial tires with non-radial tires
         · Miscellaneous: Check your lights, exhaust system, seatbelts, brakes, windshield and windows (for cracks)
         · Recommendation: Pull-out radios, cassette decks, and CD players should be removed to reduce the chance of pilferage; your catalytic converter does not need to be          removed; unleaded gas is available in the ROK
         · Tinted windows: Tint is not authorized on the driver or passenger windows
         · Check with your local TMO for the latest restrictions and information before shipping

    Some U.S. insurers will not write policies for overseas. Check with your current insurer before you PCS. Vehicle insurance companies are available both on and off base.     Whatever you decide, you must show proof of insurance to pick up and register your vehicle on base.

    If you plan on shipping a POV to Kunsan, please understand that once you PCS, you will only be entitled to one POV shipment regardless of whether your follow-on     assignment is CONUS or OCONUS. This means that if you ship a POV to Kunsan and your next base is Ramstein, Germany, then you cannot ship your Kunsan POV back     to the states and then ship another vehicle to Ramstein unless you pay for one of the shipments yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local     TMO.

    Maintenance on American vehicles
    Owning an American-made vehicle overseas could become expensive; often stateside warranties are not honored. Bottom line, be prepared for unexpected costs and     consider this when deciding to ship your car overseas.
    Contact your local TMO office for more details on shipping a vehicle.

  6. Preparing your household goods

    When you're deciding which personal items to ship, the Traffic Management Office should be the first stop after you receive orders. The staff at TMO has a list of weight     allowances for household goods and a list of items that can and cannot be shipped.

    Upon arrival, government furniture is available in your dorms.

    When PSCing to Kunsan AB, you should not ship your washer, dryer, microwave, oven or refrigerator--these items are available in government quarters.

    Be prepared to wait 35 to 60 days for your unaccompanied baggage and 60 to 70 days for your household goods from the date of shipment.

    Extras to bring with you
    Bring linens, blankets, and towels with you. To prevent the possibility of being without sheets, blankets or towels until your baggage arrives, please remember to pack your     own in your luggage or mail them to yourself at your unit. If you choose to mail items to yourself, you may be reimbursed for the cost of the postage--contact your origin     TMO/CPC for an authorization letter. Your sponsor will be able to assist you with APO mailing information.

    Items to typically ship are dependent on you as an individual. The Exchange at Kunsan is small and you may not find all the items you want. Osan has a larger Exchange,     but is 2.5 hours away on Wolf Pack Wheels.

    Items in which you should bring but not limited to depending on your weight allowance:
         - Uniforms
         - Civilian Clothing (Warm and Cold Weather) (Rain Wear)
         - Entertainment Items...Guitar, Xbox, PS3, Computer, books, etc.
         - Cooking items for officers are not provided in the dorms. Recommend bringing plates, pots and pans, silverware, etc. There are microwaves and refrigerators in the               officer quarters and shared appliances in the enlisted dorms.

    It is important when you arrive that your correct contact information is on file so the appropriate offices may contact you when your property arrives.

    For more information, check out
    For information on weigh allowances and other Travel Regulations, visit the Defense Travel Management Office and JFTR.


   Getting Here

    1. Where is Kunsan?

    Kunsan Air Base is a United States Air Force base located on the west coast of the South Korean peninsula bordered by the Yellow Sea. It is adjacent to the town of     Gunsan and about 150 miles (240 km) south of Seoul. The town (군산시 in Korean) can be romanized as both Gunsan and Kunsan. The United States Air Force uses     Gunsan to refer to the town, and Kunsan to refer to the base.

    The base is named after Gunsan City, a port town seven and a half miles east of the installation. Kunsan AB is a true remote assignment. It is much more austere than     Osan AB. It is not configured to provide adequate support to family members. Kunsan AB is home to the 8th Fighter Wing made up of two F-16 fighter squadrons, the 35th     Fighter Squadron and the 80th Fighter Squadron.
    Kunsan Air Base is the home of the 8th Fighter Wing, "The Wolf Pack," assigned to the Pacific Air Forces' Seventh Air Force and the 38th Fighter Group of the Republic of     Korea Air Force. It is one of two major Air Force installations operated by the United States in Korea, the other being Osan Air Base, approximately 100 miles to the     northeast.

    Units on Kunsan
    The following major units are stationed at Kunsan Air Base:
         · 8th Fighter Wing
                 o 8th Operations Group (Tail Code: WP)
35th Fighter Squadron (35 FS) (F-16C/D, Blue tail stripe)
80th Fighter Squadron (80 FS) (F-16C/D, Gold tail stripe)
                 o 8th Maintenance Group
                 o 8th Mission Support Group
                 o 8th Medical Group
    · 1st Air Defense Artillery
    · Area Defense Council
    · American Forces Network
    · Army and Air Force Exchange Service
    · Defense Commissary Agency
    · Office of Special Investigations
    · ROKAF's 38th Fighter Group

    Cost of Living: Similar to the national U.S. average.


    2. Finding your Way

    Incheon International Airport:


    USFK Joint Reception Center (JRC) will provide transportation for you.



    Step 1. Claim your luggage at the designated baggage

    carousel, proceed through US-SOFA CUSTOMS LOCATED




    THE JRC (Near EXIT#1) and follow-on transportation

    will be coordinated by NCOIC. (*Must Sign-in even if

    you have a sponsor)


   Osan AB Passenger Terminal:

    • Kunsan AB Wolf Pack Wheels bus service will pick you up from

    the Osan AB passenger terminal upon your arrival

    • Two hour estimated bus ride to Kunsan AB from Osan AB

    • Be prepared to pay for your bus fare upon arriving Kunsan AB

    • $45 reimbursable expense (pay at Community Activity Center)

    • Government Travel Card, Credit/Debit Card or Cash accepted


    3. What is the ROK?

    The Republic of Korea, or ROK, is an independent Korean state or collection of states which has existed almost continuously for several millennia.

    It is located in Eastern Asia, at the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. After World War II, a Republic of Korea (ROK)     was set up in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula while a Communist-style government was installed in the north (the DPRK).

    During the Korean War (1950-53), U.S. troops and UN forces fought alongside soldiers from the ROK to defend South Korea from DPRK attacks supported by China and     the Soviet Union.

    An armistice was signed in 1953, splitting the peninsula along a demilitarized zone at about the 38th parallel. Thereafter, South Korea achieved rapid economic growth with     per capita income rising to roughly 17 times the level of North Korea.

    South Korea today is a fully functioning modern democracy. Serious tensions with North Korea have punctuated inter-Korean relations in recent years. For more information check out the CIA World Factbook at

    4. In-processing Schedule

    All personnel must attend two separate briefings:

    1. MPS Base In-processing: Where: Base Theater, Building 1000 When: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 1000 (approximately 1hr and 30 minutes).     Personnel arriving to Kunsan should in process the next possible in processing day (M, W, or Thurs). Bring: All documents received during MPS final out appointment     (usually sealed in a packet). The Kunsan AB In-Processing Checklist (KRO Checklist) will be issued during this briefing. LRS will schedule personnel for chem bag pick-up     during this briefing. Please have members bring in their gas mask fit tests as bio-environmental will also be in attendance as they will be picking up individuals respective     gas mask fit tests.

    2. Newcomer's Orientation and Kunsan Combat Orientation (Classified Briefing). Where: Base Theater, Building 1000 When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month Time:     0945 hours (0945-1700) - Personnel are expected to arrive NLT than 0930. Arriving personnel will attend the next Newcomer's Briefing/KRO the next possible Tuesday     after they attend the base-inprocessing briefing mentioned above. Personnel attending this briefing will need to bring a Security Verification Memo signed by their     squadron's security manager in order to attend this briefing.

    Personnel will also need to bring:
         -One Copy of their PCS orders
         -Sealed medical records (if applicable)
         -KRO checklist
         -Personnel will receive their appointment for travel voucher processing at this briefing.

  Getting Settled

  1. Housing

    What to Expect?

    All of the housing on Kunsan Air Base is unaccompanied housing. Your sponsor will arrange your housing prior to arrival.

    Members are assigned to different housing complexes based on rank and squadron. For more information, please visit the following site:

   2. Passports and ID cards

    There is no passport office here at Kunsan AB. The closest facility is at Osan AB which is about 2 hours north of here. You do not need a passport to enter the country on     military orders; however, you will need one for some travel opportunities. We highly recommend and encourage you to obtain a Tourist Passport prior to departing your     current duty station.

    ID Cards
    The Kunsan ID Cards Office is located in Bldg 755, Room 119. We offer the following services: Initial issue and renewal of Common Access Card (CAC), Dependent ID     Cards, Retirement ID, Out-processing, Certificate updates, Resets of PINs and blocked CACs, DD 1172 print-outs, DEERS enrollment and marriage and divorce updates.

    Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1600.

    Every CAC must be registered with DBIDS to authorize personnel access to one or more military installations. Upon arrival, your sponsor will take you to the Pass and ID to     get your CAC updated in the DBIDS System.

    3. Vehicle testing, pick-up,  inspection and registration

    You've arrived to Kunsan AB, have been authorized to ship your vehicle and want to drive...Now what?

    If you decided to ship your POV you will have to ensure that your vehicle is up to standards and have a valid stateside driver's license. Steps to process your registration     quickly are as follows:
    1. Ask your sponsor for study material to obtain a Korean Drivers License.
       a. You may schedule a testing appointment with your Squadron Rep.
       b. Once you have passed the test you will be given forms which you'll need to take to Pass and ID.
       c. Pass and ID will ensure that you have proper insurance and credentials to drive.

    2. In order to get to Yongsan, you may take the city bus (Apprx 17,800 WON) from Kunsan City Station (runs every 20 minutes - 3 hours - See CAC for schedule) which will     arrive at the Seoul Terminal and take a Taxi (Apprx 10,000 WON) to Yongsan Main Gate or Camp Kim (from here, get a base taxi and ask for the VPC). Advisable to get a     GPS from Airman Family Readiness prior to departing, they loan them out for free.

    3. Head to Camp Kim. Shipping times vary. Ensure you've been notified that your vehicle has arrived.
    GATE #23 BUILDING #C-1244
    APO AP 96205-5333
    TELEPHONE: 02-798-7031
    DSN: 723-8912/8916

    4. Upon arrival you'll process, inspect and retrieve your POV. You'll have to drive around the corner (VPC will provide directions) to get Temporary Plates (Ensure you have     $5.00 Cash) office opens at 0830-1600.
       a. Ensure you have all proper documentation prior to going to Seoul, this could hold you up or prevent you from getting your POV all together.

    5. After you've obtained temporary plates, you'll need to fill up at the gas station (VPC directions provided).
       a. You have 10 days from the time you get your temporary plates to the time you'll need to register with City Hall.

    6. After returning to Kunsan, you'll need to schedule an appointment for a Safety Inspection ($19.95) at the Gas Station on base. Upon passing, head to City Hall for     registration.

    7. Gunsan city requires the following forms to register your POV:
       a. Korean Customs Import Document from VPC (Temp Plates)
       b. Insurance Cards
       c. Korean Drivers License
       d. Military ID Card
       e. Safety Inspection
       f. Cost is approximately (25,000 WON) if you register after your 10 day window and an additional 2,000 WON. If you are not late with registering, cost is approximately             (5,000-10,000 Won).

    8. You'll then be required to head to the Plates Office where you'll take all documentation from City Hall and provide them with (20,000 WON) for permanent plates.

    9. Upon completing this, you'll have to return to Pass and ID for final registration with the base.

    10. Congratulations you're done.


    4. Base Facilities

    Here at the Wolf Pack we are constantly striving to insure that you have plenty of things to do, being away from family for a year can be hard and it's our job to take care of     you; both mentally and physically. You will be working hard and have several opportunities to play hard as well. Please check out all that we have to offer.

    Check out the below links for information on various base facilities and the many services available to you as a member of the Wolf Pack.

Defense Commissary Agency: Check this site out for more information on the Commissary.

    AAFES: Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Click on for online shopping, information on base movie times and more. 

    Howler Online: Visit our home page to see the latest and greatest News and Events as well as all of our Base Facilities from the Loring Club, West Winds Golf Course, 24/7     Wolf Pack Café, Falcon Community Activities Center, CAC and Outdoor Recreation Tours and all they have to offer to keep you entertained and enjoy South Korea to its     fullest potential.

    Base Chapel and Sonlight Inn:
    Kunsan's Chaplain Corps is responsible for promoting a spiritually healthy and vibrant Wolf Pack. To accomplish this they offer religious observances, pastoral care and     religious, spiritual and moral advice. Additionally, the chapel offers a variety of programs. For more information, please contact the chapel at 782-4300.