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  • Flexibility is still the key to airpower

    Airmen often repeat the phrase, “flexibility is the key to airpower.” I would argue as a service we have forgotten what that means. The phrase was coined from the Italian airpower strategist, Gen. Giulio Douhet, who penned The Command of the Air in the 1920’s. Although many airpower experts will argue his work had some flaws, this phrase is
  • Drug use costs Airman cash, career

    On Nov. 12, 2013, a board of Kunsan officers and enlisted members sentenced Airman First Class Kody Gonzalez, 8th Maintenance Squadron, to a bad conduct discharge, four months confinement, forfeiture of $1010 pay each month for four months and reduction to airman basic for using cocaine.Gonzalez pled guilty to using cocaine while stationed at
  • Remember the Value of Your Service

    To the men and women of Pacific Air Forces and to our veterans from all services, please accept my very sincere "thank you." You have answered our Nation's call, and I'm humbled by your service. This Monday marks the 95th anniversary of the signing of the armistice which brought an end to World War I. That was the first year we commemorated what
  • MiCare rolls out for Wolf Pack

    Patients at Kunsan can safely and privately communicate with their health care team without ever picking up a phone by using Air Force-wide secure messaging starting Sept. 26, 2013. Secure messaging is accessible to patients via a website called the MiCare Portal. "MiCare is a secure, web-based messaging system that fosters communication between
  • Kunsan Top 10: Exercise preparedness

    It's the middle of the week, and you've just heard through the grapevine there's a base exercise soon approaching. Where do you start? Best to go over all your gear first - replace a few pieces of tape, wash out your gas mask (because we all know you just threw it under your bed the last exercise), clean out the pockets ... and so on. Whether it's
  • Commentary - More than just books: Library offers wealth of information

    If you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, then you probably shouldn't judge a library by its walls. It's small compared to most libraries, no special paintings, tiles or landscaping grace the overall structure of the Rosenblum Memorial Library here - buts it's what's inside that counts, right? Let me illustrate.Walk inside and your first
  • Commentary - Kunsan Top 10: Information for newcomers

    It's never easy being the new guy, especially when it's overseas. Whether it's an Airman's first tour overseas, or 100th, no place is quite like the Wolf Pack. Airmen navigating through a sea of cellphone plans, baggage and Hangul probably have more questions about Kunsan Air Base than their state taxes. We understand.So we thought back to when we
  • Commentary - Kunsan Recycles -- Do you?

    What kind of recycle-ist are you? Do you pick through the trash bins in your home to ensure every soda can or piece of cardboard is placed in the right recycle bin?Or maybe you have a different approach, only recycling large items and more obvious pieces that require single trips to the green bins outside.Or possibly you're a passer-by recycle
  • Commentary - Springing ahead of the winter blues

    A commonly held belief is that suicide rates and mental health problems increase during the holidays. However, research shows more people experience a rise in emotional and personal problems in the first couple of months after and into the holidays. In fact, as the last months of winter leave their chilly bite and the grass finally starts to get
  • Commentary - OPERATION BOLO: The Wolf Pack gets its name

    Operation Bolo was born within the context of Operation Rolling Thunder, which went on from March 2, 1965 to Nov. 1, 1968. Operation Rolling Thunder was the most intense air and ground battle waged during the Cold War period and was fought during the Vietnam War. During the last months of 1966 the MiG-21s of the Vietnam People's air force became