Right start, right finish

  • Published
  • By Col. Preston 'Wolf 2' Thompson
  • 8th Fighter Wing vice commander
  On March 6, 2007, the Pacific Air Forces Inspector General started the 8th Fighter Wing's Operational Readiness Inspection with a non-combatant evacuation operation, or NEO exercise. First impressions are everything; if the wing tubed it, we may have never recovered from it. But, since the wing shined like I knew we would, we established an expectation of outstanding. 

  To all the members of the Wolf Pack, especially our NEO team, thanks for setting the stage for the remainder of our ORI. We'll never officially know our NEO grade until after the overall ORI is done, but the members of the Wolf Pack impressed the IG. The enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of the wing's Airmen got their attention in a very good way. Nothing makes the Wolf and I more proud than when visitors are impressed with our people. Our people make the mission happen. 

  On April 16, the Wolf Pack will 'Go for the Gold' when the PACAF IG returns to complete our ORI. We have just over one month to get ready, making sure all our processes are practiced and to ensure each of us know how to react to attacks, medical emergencies and weather uncertainties. There isn't much time and there's a lot to do. I know we have a few (ok a lot) of other taskers on our plate. We need to bear down, reach inside ourselves and make the final push through the ORI. 
  Nobody is better prepared to "Fight Tonight" than the Wolf Pack. The Wolf Pack sets the standard of outstanding for warfighting wings. We don't settle for the status quo. The Wolf Pack pushes the envelope of combat readiness and execution. I need your support, your energy, your enthusiasm. I need for all of us to be fired up, prove to the IG, prove to the whole Air Force, the Wolf Pack's reputation is well deserved. 

  Each and every day this wing continues to impress me. Airmen's professionalism and energy here are amazing. Let's show the IG how to "Defend the Base," "Accept Follow on Forces" and to "Take the Fight North." Thank to everyone in advance!