Wolf Pack more than ready to execute three-tiered mission

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeff "Wolf" Lofgren
  • 8th Fighter Wing commander
Wolf Pack warriors, as you read this article we'll be at war -- war during our 2007 Operational Readiness Inspection. This is your time to shine. Throughout the year you have built and maintained a team like none other, have taken on every task and performed that task with excellence as your hallmark. 

  You're a team filled with the Wolf Pack's legendary positive "can do" attitude that drives all of us to do our very best all the time. It is your teamwork and focus on excellence, while always sporting a positive attitude that gets the mission done. These are your trademarks; it is what will ensure you succeed in this ORI but more importantly at keeping this wing combat ready - ready to fight tonight. 

  You've got the blocking and tackling down, now its time for the big game, leave it all on the field of play for there is no other way for a Wolf Pack warrior. Fight the fight not the IG they are just watching you do your job the way you know how to do it. 

  I know they will just stand back and be amazed at our team - the Wolf Pack.
Think about everything that's happened on the peninsula during your tour at Kunsan from North Korean missile launches to nuclear tests, you know why you're here. 

  You know the threat and know your enemy, you're prepared and ready to excel not just through this week's wartime scenario, but any time we're called upon to defend our Korean allies. By being stationed at Kunsan, all of you will make our Air Force better because of your experiences here. 

  I've watched all of you train daily for the past 11 months and I continue to be impressed. There is truly no more capable warfighting team of Airmen in the Air Force than right here at the Wolf Pack. 

  It's been an honor being your commander and I'll join you in the trenches any day of the week.