The Airman's Manual -- a lifesaving tool

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Brandon Davis
  • 8th Civil Engineer Squadron
So there I was ...

The giant voiced announced, "Alarm Black, General Release."

I prepared my team, grabbed my Airman's Manual, AFMAN 10-100, and headed out to do my post-attack reconnaissance sweep.

After checking the front side of my building, I made the turn to the side and there it was - a massive unexploded explosive ordnance in my path.

I quickly grabbed my Airman's Manual and began searching for UXO procedures. Clearly marked on page 2 of the Critical Information Checklist section was the exact answer I was looking for. I followed the correct procedures:

- Confirm
- Clear
- Cordon
- Check
- Control

I was able to identify and report the UXO, cordon off the area and move my team to safety. Thank you Airman's Manual!