Alarm Black - Attack is over, initiate base recovery

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Danyette Washington
  • 8th Civil Engineer Squadron
The attack is over. Is it safe to move? To find out, listen to the sky.

In Alarm Black, the base Giant Voice will announce "Alarm Black" and whatever Mission-Oriented Protective Posture level we are currently in. There may be some hazards around base such as facility damage, unexploded ordinance, or chemical or biological contamination.

At Kunsan, we have three different types of Alarm Black. If you have not been told that you are on a specific team that goes out at a specific time, please continue to take cover.

The first release we have is Alarm Black Initial Release. You will receive notification on Giant Voice, land mobile radio, your unit control center, the Commander's Access Channel and Armed Forces Network-Korea radio 88.5. It will state "Alarm Black Initial Release, MOPP # (current MOPP level)." Please be mindful that no movement is allowed except for CBRN Readiness Support Teams or Airfield Damage Assessment Teams. If you have not been trained and are not on these teams, please continue to stay in your shelter in the declared MOPP. Initiate inside status checks for facility damage and integrity. If you are in a Collective Protective System facility, once the Shelter Management Team has determined CPS integrity, the senior person in the shelter can declare a lower MOPP.

During Alarm Black Initial Release, you may become contaminated and will need to use your M-291 Skin Decontamination Kit, M-295 Decontamination Packet Individual Equipment or facility decontamination station.

The next type of release is Alarm Black General Release. Just like with Initial Release, you will receive this notification via Giant Voice, LMR, UCC, CAC or AFN 88.5. It will state "Alarm Black General Release, MOPP # (current MOPP level)." Once this is announced, all Post Attack Reconnaissance teams consisting of at least two people will begin facility sweeps. Before leaving the facility, conduct pre-departure buddy checks and make sure you have all the reporting items and proper equipment for CBRN, UXO and damage detection, such as a flashlight with clear lens, extra M8 paper, radio and CBRN/UXO identification information. Positive and negative results for UXOs, damage, casualties, or CBRN contamination must be reported to your UCC in a timely manner. Accurate and timely reporting is critical to base recovery after an attack.

The last type of release is Alarm Black Limited Release and "Critical Operations." Notification will come down to individual mission-essential personnel. Critical operations include mission-essential tasks that have been approved by the 8th Fighter Wing commander or vice commander. No movement is allowed unless authorized by the 8th FW/CC or CV.

Please remember that only the 8th FW/CC or CV can authorize movement in Alarm Black. Also, shift change will not occur during Alarm Black. Individuals must contact their UCC for permission. All travel will be authorized on a case-by-case basis.

If you have any questions, please refer to your Air Force Pamphlet 10-100, pages 124-125, or your Kunsan Ability to Survive and Operate Guide, pages 10-13.