Give SALUTE to UCC to deter enemy

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Robert Arteaga
  • 8th Security Forces Squadron
Although we are certainly all familiar with what a "salute" is -- a gesture or other action used to display respect -- but what exactly is a "S-A-L-U-T-E" report?

SALUTE is an acronym used to outline the most critical information concerning enemy activity in order to determine an appropriate military response. The SALUTE report should be up-channeled in an expedient manner and outlines the following information:
  • Size - What is the approximate size of the enemy group you are observing?
  • Activity - What are the actions of the enemy group you are observing? Are they observing, moving towards the base perimeter, moving in strategic formations, or fleeing?
  • Location - Where is the enemy group located in relation to common or distinct terrain features? Use a map if available to provide grid coordinates; if a map is not available describe approximate location using terrain reference points.
  • Unit or Uniform - What unit does the enemy group belong to or what type of uniforms are they wearing? Describe distinct markings.
  • Time - What time was the enemy activity observed?
  • Equipment - What type of equipment was associated with the enemy activity?
The standardized SALUTE format is designed to train the individual to quickly and thoroughly compile vital pieces of information in an organized manner. This efficiency in reporting also results in greater precision and detail of up-channeled information.

So the next time you're defending your sector or facility and you see a suspicious group of individuals, notify your unit control center using the SALUTE format to detect, delay and destroy the enemy!