Leaving a legacy

  • Published
  • By Maj. Angela Kim
  • 8th Force Support Squadron commander
When I was asked to write a commentary, I realized I've been at Kunsan for 10 months and my tour is winding down.

So Wolf Pack, for many of us, we're almost there -- the year for those of us who arrived last summer is almost over. Soon we'll move on to new adventures, and the Wolf Pack will move forward with new leadership and new challenges to face.

We spent most of the year -- 10 exercises -- preparing for the operational readiness inspection, and we excelled in impressing the inspector general team with our ability to get the mission -- Defend the Base, Accept Follow-on Forces and Take the Fight North -- done.

As we look toward our last few weeks and months at the Wolf Pack, I'd like to present one last challenge for all of us -- leave a legacy and finish strong. In his book, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership," John C. Maxwell makes a compelling statement, "A legacy is created only when a person puts their organization into a position to do great things without them." We must focus in these waning days on doing just that, making sure we leave the next class with a springboard for success. Basically, this has been the goal of every class at Kunsan: leave the Wolf Pack better than you found it.

Remember the condition your work areas or area of responsibility was in when you arrived? Was it firing on all cylinders just waiting for your arrival, or was it sputtering along when you arrived at the Wolf Pack? Whichever situation you faced then, resolve it before you depart and leave it better than you found it. Look at things with an owner's mentality and not that of a renter. Leave a legacy that confirms the pride we feel in being part of the Wolf Pack. The hard work has already been done; all we need to do now is finish strong.

No matter when you got here, whether last summer or two months ago, finishing strong is really very simple -- keep doing what you've been doing. Don't let your approaching departure lull you into complacency or compromise. Keep your eye on the goal, stay the course and finish what you've begun.

Solomon once said, "Where there is no vision the people perish." Don't lose the vision we share of "excellence in all we do." Without it, we lose our edge and all of the hard work we put into becoming mission-ready and impressing the IG. Worst of all, the effort we have put into making this year a resounding success will be for naught, because the new class that follows will say, "Look at the condition of this place, what did they do all year?" The only thing accomplished without effort is failure.

Well, there you have it Wolf Pack, and my thanks for what has been the most rewarding assignment of my Air Force career. On a personal note, I've been fortunate to have mentors here who have given me the opportunity to grow and learn by commanding the 8th Force Support Squadron. Additionally, I want to give my personal thanks to the force support Airmen -- both civilian and military. These are the ones who make sure your manpower, personnel and training needs are tended to, the ones who make sure you are fed, the ones who offer programs to keep you fit, the ones who take care of your lodging needs -- you have all excelled at doing more with less with vigor and enthusiasm, and you have impressed me with your fortitude. I have enjoyed serving with you and pray that you find success in whatever you face next and hope our paths will cross again. Just remember -- leave a legacy and finish strong. And may God have mercy on the Wolf Pack's prey.