Take time for you

  • Published
  • By Maj. Wendy I. Enderle
  • 8th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Most of us get wrapped up in our daily work routines and often forget to take a little time for ourselves and to care for ourselves. What do I mean by that? For the past 10 months at Kunsan, we've all put in a lot of hard work and long hours to ensure that we were ready to "Take the Fight North" and make certain that we were successful in our numerous operational readiness exercises and inspections. With the long hours and demanding schedule this year, it is easy to get so wrapped up in work that you lose balance in your life. Your entire life cannot be focused solely on work and its accompanying stresses. You need to make sure to take a little time for yourself, whether that is going for a run, reading a book, attending church services or getting off base for a tour or dinner with friends.

For me personally, I look forward to pushing it up at the gym every day after work, even if it is only a short 35 minute workout. I feel less stressed afterward, feel better about myself and I am able to forget about the events of the day for a little while. I find that if I take some time for myself each day, I am better able to focus on work and am overall more productive.

Living on base and being on a remote assignment without your family makes it difficult to stop thinking about work because you are constantly surrounded by it. That is why it is easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed, especially while you're away from home. For many people, issues at home with a spouse or children who are thousands of miles away, creates anxiety and causes distraction in their lives. And if they do not ask for help, it starts to affect their work. If you do feel yourself getting too stressed out, do not forget that there is a whole Air Force and Wolf Pack family that cares about you and wants to help. Let a co-worker or a friend know what is going on in your life or go talk to the Chaplain or Mental Health Clinic. They are there to listen and provide assistance. For me, I always feel better after I am able to vent to one of my friends at our ladies social gatherings every week. Just setting a time to be with friends can be beneficial and provide perspective.

Finding that balance between your personal and professional life even on a remote assignment will not only help you be a better Airman, but it will also help you be a better person overall.