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MiCare becomes TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging

MiCare is now Patient Portal: Secure Messaging

MiCare is now Patient Portal: Secure Messaging

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- The Air Force MiCare system that lets patients at Air Force hospitals and clinics communicate securely with their health providers is getting a new name.

The system is now called TOL Patient Portal Secure Messaging, the same name used by the Army and Navy. This is intended to minimize confusion for Military Health System patients who move between health facilities.

Secure Messaging lets patients take command of their healthcare, by offering efficient and secure electronic exchange between patients and their healthcare team.

Air Force patients will still get the same functionality from the renamed system, and be able to access it from the same locations and links. Secure messaging provided access for doctors and patients to communicate electronically over an encrypted system about health issues, appointments, prescriptions, lab results, health records and other information.

For more information about using Secure Messaging to communicate with your provider, visit www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/TOLPatientPortalSecureMessaging/.