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Commanders lean forward with new vision statement

1 year tour with a 10-year vision

1 year tour with a 10-year vision

KUNSAN AIR BASE, Republic of Korea --

In Air Force units, a vision statement provides an ideal state of being or existence in the future that is inspiring and empowering. It creates a context for the future of the organization. Following collaboration among all commanders across the wing, the 8th Fighter Wing Commander at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, recently released the wing’s 10-year vision.

“A resilient warfighting wing ready to deliver combat airpower at a moment’s notice; honoring our legacy by fostering an environment of teamwork, dignity, and respect; enhancing the Wolf Pack culture of innovation, compliance, and excellence…1-year tour with a 10-year vision.”

At the end of 2016, commanders gathered for a two-day offsite to determine a way forward, a plan that would define and guide direction, focus, goals, metrics and actions for current and future Wolf Pack Airmen.


“The point of the offsite was to create a shared vision of what success means at Kunsan through all ranks—from airman to colonel, to U.S. and Korean civilian employees,” said Col. Todd Dozier, 8th Fighter Wing Commander. “Day-to-day efforts in pursuit of our goals will be the foundation for the overall accomplishment of the wing’s mission.”


During the offsite, leadership created the new vision statement, and followed up with goals and objectives to measure changes that support a 10-year mindset.


“Instead of making the easy changes that last only for the duration of our tour, we strive to make more enduring improvements that will last the next 10 years and beyond, long after we have departed Kunsan,” said Dozier. “Members of the 8th Fighter Wing are tasked to make the lasting impact on their units, buy into the Wolf Pack culture of continuous improvement, and do the best they can with the time they have here.”


According to the commanders who helped craft the verbiage for the new vision statement, it was created through recognition of current challenges that Airmen face today and with the hope that it invites and inspires Airmen to move the organization forward.