• The end of an era: Kunsan's 'Wolf Pack Warrior' set to expire

    Kunsan is keeping in line with Air Force Smart Operations-21 and Air Force leadership's vision by retiring the base's award-winning Wolf Pack Warrior newspaper April 27.   To help improve the quality and timeliness of getting news to Wolf Pack members and base readers alike, Kunsan is transitioning to Web-based news soon after.   The new system
  • New program lets Airmen speak their mind

    A group of Airmen and USAF civilians are being invited to become the Air Force's Internal Communication Assessment Group, called the ICAG. Internal communication refers to how the Air Force delivers information to Airmen and USAF civilians. Senior Air Force leaders want to know Airmen's interests, opinions, and preferences on receiving Air Force
  • Korean army NCO academy opens gates to Wolf Pack as volunteers prepare to teach ROK NCOs conversational English

    Senior officer and enlisted leaders of the Republic of Korea army welcomed members of the 8th Fighter Wing 'Wolf Pack' to their only NCO academy, located outside of Iksan, Saturday.   Wolf Pack members, lead by Col. Jeff 'Wolf' Lofgren, 8th FW commander, got a chance to see portions of the academy, learn about its mission of training
  • Striking down the competition: AMXS 'Cobras' take championship from Red Devils in one game

      No one could have planned it better. After trailing all evening and tying at 48, a quick release by the Cobra's Casey Tramble put the 8th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron ahead by three, leaving the 8th Civil Engineer Squadron 'Red Devils' in the second place slot overall.   Both teams went into the first half tenacious, striking back at each other
  • Wolf Pack chapel named best small wing chapel program in PACAF as manning, budget cuts loom

      The Pacific Air Forces command chaplain paid a visit to the Wolf Pack chapel March 7 through 9 to not only name the chapel the 'PACAF 2006 Small Base Chapel Organization Award winner,' but prepare the staff for upcoming changes.   "All three visitors were impressed by the espirit de corps demonstrated here at the Wolf Pack," Chap. (Lt. Col.) Paul
  • Voicing their concerns: Commander hears, speaks with base enlisted force while reassuring 'QOL' concerns are being addressed

      The 8th Fighter Wing enlisted corps got a chance to voice their concerns to the commander Monday during an enlisted call at the theater and fitness center.   Col. Jeff 'Wolf' Lofgren, 8th FW commander, requested the enlisted force for the roughly one-hour long sessions at each location, broken down between the senior NCO, NCO and Airman ranks.
  • What's on the Chief's Scope?

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley launched a new Web feature March 14 to tell Airmen what is of special interest to him. Known as "The Chief's Scope," it is designed to briefly highlight current topics General Moseley feels are important to America's Airmen. "The issues on my scope are ones that keep me up at night," said General
  • Wolf Pack heads for Yokota as Kunsan takes on NEO, ORI evacuation exercise

      It's official: The 2007 Operational Readiness Inspection for the 8th Fighter Wing has begun.   On March 6, the Wolf Pack accepted, processed and evacuated Department of Defense civilians and 8th Fighter Wing members to Yokota AB, Japan, as part of the non-combatant evacuation operation, or NEO.   Compared to NEO operations in the past, this
  • Wolf Pack Airmen punished in separate courts martial

      Two Wolf Pack Airmen received judicial punishment here after their individual courts martials came to a close last week.   Capt. David Still, 35th Fighter Squadron, and Staff Sgt. Aaron Wilson, 35th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, received their punishments from military judge Lt. Col. Eric Dillow. Capt. Still plead guilty to violating a lawful