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  • “Wolf” wishes the Wolf Pack a Happy 4th of July

    Wolf Pack, when we think of "the Fourth of July," fireworks, parades, barbecues and baseball games may come to mind. Typically, we're able to share these events with our family members. Instead, most of us will be celebrating our nation's independence together here at Kunsan. Although, it may be difficult for some of you to be away from your
  • 8 FW, ROKAF participate in Buddy Wing Program

    Members of the 35th Fighter Squadron and the 155th Fighter Squadron from Junwon Air Base, teamed up for a Buddy Wing Program exercise Wednesday through Friday here. The purpose of the Buddy Wing Program is to exchange ideas, introduce tactics and improve interoperability between the U.S. Air Force and the Republic of Korea fighter
  • Fourth of July

    The FOURTH of JULY...even saying it out loud makes me feel good and smile! The Middle of the Summer...baseball....hotdogs...ice cream...maybe a Parade or a round of Golf...BUT always ending with FIREWORKS! Yes, the Misawa Airmen will remind me of the sea fog and fireworks sometimes pushed off to Labor Day...but you'll be thinking of FIREWORKS!
  • 'Living legends' discuss Air Force of yesterday, today

    In keeping with the Air Force's 60th anniversary theme, "Heritage to Horizons," a panel of four war veterans gathered June 14 at the Pentagon Conference Center to discuss the challenges and triumphs of air power over the years. The theme of the discussion was, "The Jet Age: Korea, Vietnam, Cold War." The panel included retired Gen. Hal Hornburg,
  • Operation Air Force in full swing

    For the last three weeks the "Wolf Pack" has accepted follow on forces, but in this case these forces are cadets of the United States Air Force Academy that are part of Operation Air Force. "Operation Air Force gives cadets at the Academy the opportunity to see the Air Force structure in an operational environment," Maj. William McCrink, 8th
  • 2006 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for Kunsan Air Base

    The Bioenviornmental Engineering Flight recently released the 2006 Drinking Water Quality Report. The base's drinking water meets all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Air Force regulations. In 2006, the flight tested the drinking water for more than 70 contaminants. All 70 plus contaminants were well below EPA and Air Force standards.