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  • Wolf War Days

  • JTACs train to put Wolf Pack, allied bombs on target, on time

    Joint terminal attack controllers assigned to the 604th Air Support Operations Squadron descended here July 9 through 13 to train with 8th Fighter Wing "Wolf Pack" pilots.   Known as JTACs, the Airmen are primarily trained to direct combat aircraft onto an enemy target. JTACs, who exist in each service branch under different names, are recognized
  • Accountability, Responsibility and You

    Accountability by definition requires someone to be answerable or responsible. Being responsible is defined as having a capacity for moral decisions and, therefore making one accountable and capable of rational thought or action. Accountability and responsibility are highly related. We often discuss accountability and responsibility as it pertains
  • AMMO Airmen hold CAPEX at Kunsan

    Members of the 8th Maintenance Group along with Airmen from across the Air Force are participating in the annual Combat Ammunition Production Exercise (CAPEX) July 10 through 13 here. CAPEX is a three-day non-rated exercise that provides Pacific Air Forces and Air Combat Command units with training in mass munitions assembly in support of aircraft
  • Latest Roll Call discusses contacting Airmen directly

    This week's Roll Call discusses how the Air Force chief of staff wants to expand on the information receiving process through a direct e-mail program. E-mails from "CSAF@us.af.mil" come directly from Gen. T. Michael Moseley. Airmen are encouraged to discuss these messages with fellow Airmen and their chain of command. This communication is a way
  • Kunsan opens new joint RAPCON facility

    Leadership from both the 8th Fighter Wing and Republic of Korea Air Force christened Kunsan's newest facility during a ceremony July 9 here as part of the base's plan to replace aging infrastructure.   The latest upgrade was given to the 8th Operations Support Squadron's radar approach and control, or RAPCON organization. RAPCON Airmen are charged
  • Airmen perform buddy care to Korean national

    Most memories of the 4th of July are parades, barbecues and fireworks. For two Airmen assigned here their memories of Independence Day this year are assisting a total stranger who was in a life-threatening traffic accident. The two Airmen were driving back to Kunsan from Gwang Yang port after escorting a munitions convey when they drove past an