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Newcomers - Sponsor Program



No matter how many times you've PCS'd or even if you've been assigned to Kunsan before, you need to make contact with your sponsor to make sure you're aware of the latest in-processing policies and requirements BEFORE you arrive.

Your sponsor is the key to your successful PCS and should be your first stop for information concerning travel to Kunsan AB. They also have information on local transportation modes that can save you valuable time and hassle upon arrival.

Due to a recent change from the Korean government, Vonage is no longer accessible in Korea but Magic Jack is. All services must be used through LG Daecom at Kunsan AB. We recommend you ask for a sponsor at least 90 days before you depart your present assignment. Kunsan AB has group Command Support Staffs so you might need to contact one of the following: 8MSG/CSS, 8MXG/CSS, 8OG/CSS or 8MDG/CSS which can be found in the global. If you belong to a Detachment, AFN, Army or 8th FW tenant unit please search the Kunsan AB global for the appropriate agency and contact them via email.

Additionally, you can contact the INTRO monitor Airman and Family Readiness Center at your current base for assistance. The INTRO program manager will help you obtain a sponsor. Once you receive your orders, forward a copy to your sponsor. If you are unable to contact your sponsor, contact the group command support staff at your gaining unit or your local Airman and Family Readiness Center.

All personnel who PCS to Kunsan will arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN) located about 25 miles west of Seoul, Korea or Via Patriot Express directly into Kunsan AB.

For those arriving ICN you will go through Immigrations and then Customs. Due to the mission at Kunsan, sponsors may not be able to meet incoming personnel at Incheon. After exiting the secure area turn RIGHT and walk to the end of the Air Terminal. The last area on the LEFT (Near gate 14A) is a U.S. Military Reception Center with military personnel in uniform waiting to assist you with any questions you have. Check with them on the bus schedule and catch the next bus to Kunsan Air Base. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM INCHEON TO KUNSAN! (YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR IT ON YOUR TRAVEL VOUCHER)! Once you arrive at Kunsan your sponsor should meet you and take you to the Billeting Office. If at this point you still have not been assigned a sponsor call DSN 315-782-6000 for the Command Post to locate someone from your unit to assist you.

Due to the unique mission at Kunsan AB newcomers often arrive only to find their sponsor is on their Mid-tour leave. To ensure you have someone to meet you and show you around please make every effort to contact your group's Command Support Staff (CSS) and flight chief to let them know when you are arriving. If you have had limited contact with your sponsor or have not received your sponsor please locate a contact number for your gaining unit or call 315-782-1110 (base operator) to be connected to your assigned squadron.

If you do not have a mail box your mailing address will be as follows: Rank, Name, PSC 2 Box 5000, APO AP 96264. It is advisable for you to contact someone from your unit if you have not been assigned a sponsor to ensure you receive as much assistance as possible before you arrive.

Your sponsor is there to assist you in getting settled here in Korea.

Upon arrival to Korea, they should arrange for your transportation as well as work with you all the way through your in-processing timeline.

Within your first week of arrival, military members will be required to attend two days of in-processing. Whether coming in on the Patriot Express or Commercial flight from ICN.

Use this site as your one-stop shopping for all the information you need to fully prepare you for PCSing to Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea (ROK).

Good luck and welcome to the Wolf Pack!


Current as of April 14, 2021