Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery

The Alpha Battery, 2nd Battalion of the 1st Air Defense Artillery provides Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, with a continued strategic deterrence with their Patriot missile. The unit is assigned to the 35th Air Defense Artillery or "Dragon Brigade".

Since 1994 and the first Korean nuclear crisis, U.S. Army Patriots have been providing joint theater missile defense for Combined Forces Command in the Republic of Korea. In 2004, the 35th ADA Brigade restationed from Fort Bliss, Texas, to Osan Air Base. The Patriot battalions in the ROK continue to provide an active missile defense against the vast North Korean ballistic missile threat, and these forces maintain the highest readiness levels of forces on the Korean peninsula.

The 35th ADA Brigade is comprised of two Patriot battalions, one at Camp Carroll in the southern portion of the Korean peninsula and an air missile defense battalion at Suwon AB, Osan AB and U.S. Army Garrsion-Casey in the northern portion of the peninsula.

Throughout all operations and training, the 35th ADA Brigade maintains three priorities - fight tonight, alliance building and tour normalization.