• Newcomers - Pre-Arrival Housing Information

    Please contact your sponsor, they will arrange housing for you prior to your arrival to Kunsan AB. For more information, please visit the Housing Office upon arrival.

  • Newcomers - Preparing your Household Goods

    When you're deciding which personal items to ship, the Traffic Management Office should be the first stop after you receive orders. The staff at TMO has a list of weight allowances for household goods and a list of items that can and cannot be shipped.Upon arrival, government furniture is available

  • Newcomers - Rosenblum Memorial Library

    Bldg: 1050Phone: DSN 782-5469 or Comm 063-470-5469Hours: Daily 0930-2030Library AnnexBldg: 1027 (inside Falcon CAC)Phone: DSN 782-5469 or Comm 063-470-5469Hours: 24/7Rosenblum Memorial Library is committed to the personal and professional development of service men and women and provides a wide

  • Newcomers - Set up P.O. Box

    Mail or fax a copy of your orders to your sponsor and they will take it to the post office to set up a P.O. Box for you.You can use the P.O. Box to start forwarding your mail, especially items like magazines that need up to several weeks lead time for an address change.If you are sending any

  • Newcomers - Shipping Your Vehicle

    Only E-7s and above are entitled to ship one POV regardless of the type of tour. Personnel contemplating shipment of a two-wheeled motorized vehicle, including mopeds, should contact their gaining unit regarding operation/registration procedures. Unleaded fuel is available on-base. The Environmental

  • Newcomers - Sponsor Program

     FIRST STEP -- CONTACT YOUR UNIT TO OBTAIN SPONSOR.No matter how many times you've PCS'd or even if you've been assigned to Kunsan before, you need to make contact with your sponsor to make sure you're aware of the latest in-processing policies and requirements BEFORE you arrive.Your sponsor is the

  • Newcomers - Temporary Lodging

     Temporary Lodging ArrangementsWolf Pack LodgePhone: DSN 782-1844 or Comm 063-470-1844Hours: Daily 24/7Built in 2010, Wolf Pack Lodge provides great rooms. Space Available reservations are accepted up to 30 days in advance if our occupancy is low. We offer free wireless, a business room for computer

  • Newcomers - Vehicle testing, pick up, inspection and registration

    You've arrived to Kunsan AB, have been authorized to ship your vehicle and want to drive...Now what?If you decided to ship your POV you will have to ensure that your vehicle is up to standards and have a valid stateside driver's license. Steps to process your registration quickly are as follows:1.

  • Newcomers - Welcome Message

     LocationKunsan AB is located on the western coast of the Republic of Korea peninsula bordered by the yellow sea. It is approximately 150 miles south of Seoul. The base is named after Gunsan City, a port town 7.5 miles east of the installation. Many interesting sites, including temples and

  • Newcomers - What is the ROK?

    The Republic of Korea, or ROK, is an independent Korean state or collection of states which has existed almost continuously for several millennia.It is located in Eastern Asia, at the southern half of the Korean Peninsula bordering the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. After World War II, a Republic