Wolf 60 Addresses Wolf Pack at All-Call

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  • 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Col. Chris Hammond held his first all-call as the 8th Fighter Wing commander at Kunsan Air Base, from Aug. 3 to Aug. 14.

In order to meet safely with the entire Wolf Pack, Hammond hosted 12 separate all-calls over the course of two weeks to discuss the wing’s mission and heritage.

Chief Master Sgt. Ronnie Woods, 8th FW command chief, joined Hammond to address quality-of-life efforts, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives. His main focus was resilience and taking care of Airmen – regardless of rank.

“Resilience is one of my biggest concerns at the Wolf Pack,” Woods said. “Somebody in here right now is struggling with life. What I challenge you all to do is to find that Airman, and don’t be prejudice because of the rank. Don’t think that that person is not one of your senior leaders, because it might be.”

Hammond, who’s responsible for more than 2,700 active duty personnel, closed out the all-call by sharing his expectations.

“What we expect is an environment here at the Wolf Pack that fosters respect and dignity,” Hammond said. “My contract to your families back home is that we set an environment here that allows you to be the best Airman and best individual you can be. If there’s anything or anybody that detracts from that, then you need to let us know. We will identify it and take care of it.”