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Get Started

For Wolf Pack member’s teleworking, here are some resources to help get you started and stay secured. Ensure you have a CAC reader for access to most of these features.


Gain access to your government email from home with a personal computer:

     1.    Open your web browser

     2.    Visit

     3.    Select your email certificate to access your email on the internet. If the email certificate fails,

            use your DOD ID certificate


Before you can start working from home with a work computer, members must get the latest VPN software installed by the 8th Communications Squadron and have a government issued laptop that has been imaged. Then you can gain access from home with a work computer:

     1.    Click "USAF VPN Client" on desktop

     2.    Click "Connect"

     3.    Click "OK, Proceed to Application"

     4.    Select "Authentication" Cert, Click "OK"

     5.    Enter CAC Pin

     6.    Access government email, shared drives, SharePoint, teams and other networked applications as you would on

            a NIPR terminal.


Cyber Security

Cyber security is always vital. To help keep your information secure, the Defense Information Systems Agency has renewed the home-use anti-virus software for service members and U.S. Department of Defense employees. Stay protected and download anti-virus and anti-spyware software. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Defense Information Systems Agency also has these Virtual Private Network (VPN) services available for service members.

Technical Difficulties

For any issues or questions revolved around teleworking at Kunsan Air Base, contact the 8th Communications Squadron at 782-2666 or 063-470-2666 from a Korean cell phone.

Make phone calls

Need to call a DSN phone number from a Korean cell phone? Dial 063-470-XXXX.

You can also reach the base operator at 063-470-1110.

other software

Ensure the computer you use during telework has all the vital software needed to complete your mission. Whether it be Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat or any other software.

Kunsan AB Sharepoint

Keep up to date on all the latest local and higher headquarters COVID-19 information and guidance on the 8th Fighter Wing SharePoint.


Mypers Mobile capability

Stay connected with the myPers mobile capability.  Add your personal email as a secondary email in myPers to receive your PIN to your work and personal accounts. For additional instructions and log-in guides, click the hyperlinks to access this capability for Apple products or Android products.