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COVID-19 Travel Changes

USFK has released changes to COVID-19 testing and vaccination policies to align with current Republic of Korea requirements. Please see the status of policies effective October 1 below:

  • SOFA-affiliated international arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, shall not be subject to quarantine in accordance with ROK policy.
  • International arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, will not be subject to pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR testing.
  • International arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, will not be subject to a post-arrival COVID-19 PCR test. No restriction of movement is required upon arrival unless travelers have possible COVID-19 symptoms. (NO DAY 1 TESTING)
  • If arrivals have possible COVID-19 symptoms, a PCR test shall be conducted at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF). Personnel not assigned to an area serviced by a MTF may have the PCR conducted at an alternate civilian facility (e.g., airport, civilian hospital).

Wolf Pack COVID-19 Guidance

On behalf of the 8th Fighter Wing commander, welcome (or welcome back) to Korea and the historic WOLF PACK! 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 8th FW commander has declared a public health emergency for Kunsan Air Base. As a result, you ARE ORDERED to comply with the Senior Staff Directives (SSDs) and Rules of Engagement (ROEs) on this page, and the main COVID-19 page. It is only through your discipline and vigilance in adhering to these quarantine measures that we can continue to keep the Wolf Pack COVID-free!

Remain Vigilant! Remain Healthy! Remain Ready! 

QUESTIONS?: Please direct any questions for:
Incheon to Kunsan Commercial Busing:  LRS Transportation Officer at 782-8346
Osan to Kunsan Rotator Busing:  FSS Wolfpack Wheels at 782-7212 or 782-4110
COVID Testing:  8th Medical Group at 782-2273.

731 AMS - Did you know?

1. Great News!! For those passengers travelling back to the United States, the 731 AMS no longer requires passengers to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.
     a. Effective 13 June, Passengers travelling to the United States will no longer be asked for proof of a negative COVID-19 test to board Patriot Express and Military airlift missions departing from the 731 AMS and its operating locations on the peninsula.
     b. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.
2. Friendly Reminder: Show time for Passengers
     a. Space-R Passengers on Travel Orders must be in line, at the Passenger Terminal, no later than 3 hours prior to scheduled departure of missions, to include the Patriot Express.
          i. Note: Passengers who arrive after the no later than time will be re-directed to their respective CTO/TMO for re-booking at a subsequent date.
     b. Space-A passengers must show no later than 2 hours and 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure of missions, to include the Patriot Express.
3. Friendly Reminder: Mask Wear
     a. Mask wear is no longer required but recommended on Transportation assets.  Mask wear at passenger terminals will be in accordance to CDC COVID-19 community levels or Host Nation requirements for overseas locations.

As always, the 731st AMS is here to help! Our passenger service agents are available to assist and can be contacted @ 784-6883, if you or your travelers have additional questions.





8 FW Off Base Quarantine Rules of Engagement


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Newcomers Guide (July 2022)

Be advised, guidance below supersedes guidance in the current newcomers guide

SSD 22-11: Restriction of Movement Guidelines

SSD 22-9 8 FW HPCON A and Updated Testing Requirements

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