As of Jan 20, 2022 ROK Mandated
COVID-19 PCR test results be taken within 48 hrs of inbounds' departure date/time.

😷 Kunsan COVID-19 UPDATE 😷

Kunsan Air Base is at HPCON BRAVO in accordance with USFK policy.

As a reminder, isolation orders have been outlined, and are available here

Mask Wear:

  • Mask wear is mandatory for all personnel regardless of vaccination status at all indoor common areas to include, but not limited to the BX, commissary, hospital, clinic, taxis, buses, chapel, Sonlight Inn, ALL restaurants & DFACs, Kunsan Community Center, food court, MWR facilities, theater, and the fitness center (when not actively engaged in physical training).

Off Base Guidelines:

  • All travel on-peninsula is authorized.
  • For members who are not fully vaccinated, bars and clubs, karaoke establishments, saunas and bathhouses, and adult only establishments are prohibited.
  • As per the ROK, individuals are considered “fully vaccinated” under the following conditions:
    • The individual has completed a single-dose or two-dose primary COVID-19 vaccine series within the last 14 to 180 days, or
    • The individual has completed a primary COVID-19 vaccine series and received a booster dose.
  • All morale, welfare, and recreation (MWR) programs and services (to include Social Lounges), located on Kunsan AB, are authorized to continue normal operations.
  • Mask wear remains mandatory indoors when not actively eating or drinking.
  • Overnight stays off-base are authorized.
  • All USFK-affiliated individuals will adhere to ROK laws, rules, and directives and USFK HPCON measures and Core Tenets.

Quarantine Actions: 

- All personnel must abide by the latest quarantine policies, as directed by USFK and the 8 FW/CC.  For the latest, please see: SSD 22-5 If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, contact your sponsor.

- For all inbound personnel, the COVID wing tracker will be updated no later than 7 days prior to arrival, and will include all required information required in the COVID wing tracker.

- Transportation from the arrival airport remains unchanged. Search for 'Wolf Pack Wheels' on the Kunsan FSS website.

If you need a memo due to having a persistent positive test or need a COVID test for an off base appointment or travel, please e-mail the COVID operations org box at For a persistent positive test memo, include your name, DODID, and the dates you were in isolation. For travel, include your name, DODID, itinerary, and date and location of travel. For off base appointments, include your name, DODID, and date of appointment.

 If you are returning from off-peninsula leave, quarantine upon arrival and go to the COVID connex near the medical hooch at 0830 or 1630, whichever time comes first after arriving to base. Return to the connex at 1630 on day five for repeat testing.

 If you have symptoms of COVID, immediately quarantine and contact your first shirt to coordinate unit antigen testing. If you test negative, your leadership will tell you either to isolate or do a working ROM. Your first shirt will also coordinate a COVID PCR test 48 hours after your antigen test, which will be collected at the COVID connex at 0900. If this PCR test is negative your first shirt will coordinate your return to work. If you test positive, public health or your first shirt will contact you with further instructions.

 If you need the results of your PCR test, check Tricare online. If results are not on Tricare online 48 hours after testing, contact outpatient records at 782-6589 during business hours. If you are going to be picking up your results on the weekend, you have the option at the time of testing to fill out a HIPAA disclosure form which will allow you to pick up your results at the COVID connex at 1130 on the same day of testing.

For all other concerns please contact the 24-hour nurse advice line at 800-273-2273, Option #1. During business hours you may also contact the clinic at 782-2273 to speak with a nurse or leave a message for your PCM; you may also call 782-4929 or 782-4090.

Travel Outbound from R.O.K. 

Personnel who travel internationally, will need a COVID-19 viral test 1 calendar-day before travel by air into the U.S. You can schedule this test by sending an encrypted email to with subject line, “COVID Test for Departure in DD MMM YY."

General COVID-19 Guidelines: 

  • Regardless of vaccination status, members must still follow all ROK rules, laws, and regulations off installation.

The following Senior Staff Directives apply to all military personnel, family members, U.S. and Korean National civilian employees, DoD contractors, retirees, and any other individuals with access to Kunsan AB.

8 FW SSD 21-3 COVID-19 Terms and Definitions

Renewal of a Public Health Emergency (PHE) on Kunsan Base

22-2 7-Day Isolation for ‘Up-to-Date’ Vaccinated Personnel

SSD 22-5 Exemptions from Quarantine

Isolation ROEs



SSD 22-4 8 FW On/Off Installation COVID Guidance



Feeling sickly? Leave quickly!

Return to your quarters and contact the 8th Medical Group at 782-CARE (2273) or at 010-3658-0752 during duty hours.

For after hours or emergency services: Dial 911 (on base phones) or 063-470-0911 (Korean cellphone) to receive URGENT care for any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

For non-urgent notification of suspected COVID-19 contact: Contact 8th Medical Group Public Health at 782-4510/4509 or at 010-5464-3928 if you believe you have had close contact with individuals carrying COVID-19.

Members should reference the recommended "Go-Bag" packing list on Kunsan's Sharepoint.