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COVID-19 Travel Changes

USFK has released changes to COVID-19 testing and vaccination policies to align with current Republic of Korea requirements. Please see the status of policies effective October 1 below:

  • SOFA-affiliated international arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, shall not be subject to quarantine in accordance with ROK policy.
  • International arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, will not be subject to pre-arrival COVID-19 PCR testing.
  • International arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, will not be subject to a post-arrival COVID-19 PCR test. No restriction of movement is required upon arrival unless travelers have possible COVID-19 symptoms. (NO DAY 1 TESTING)
  • If arrivals have possible COVID-19 symptoms, a PCR test shall be conducted at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF). Personnel not assigned to an area serviced by a MTF may have the PCR conducted at an alternate civilian facility (e.g., airport, civilian hospital).

😷 Kunsan COVID-19 UPDATE 😷

Kunsan Air Base is at HPCON ALPHA in accordance with USFK policy.
As a reminder, isolation orders have been outlined, and are available here
Mask Wear:
  • Mask wear is optional for all personnel at all indoor common areas. Mask wear is still mandatory inside medical and child care related facilities.
Off Base Guidelines:
  • Refer to the USFK website for the most up-to-date guidance

Updated 13 July 2022

Public Health Emergency Declaration
Public Health Emergency Declaration on USFK Installations renewed on 08 Jul 2022 for an additional 30 days.
Attachment 22-Renewal of Public Health Emergency Declaration on USFK Installations (08 JUL 22)

HPCON Status
HPCON ALPHA has been implemented, effective immediately. Under HPCON A, all off-installation activities are authorized.
SSD 22-9 CHANGE 1, 8 FW HPCON A and Updated Testing Requirements
HPCON A Infographic

Mask Wear Policy
Mask wear is required in health care settings, including DoD military medical, dental, and veterinary treatment facilities, regardless of HPCON level and vaccination status. Members will comply with all ROK mask wear guidelines when off-installation.
SSD 22-8 8 FW Mask Wear Guidance
SSD 22-9 CHANGE 1, 8 FW HPCON A and Updated Testing Requirements

Arrival to Korea Testing Policy
All personnel traveling TO the Republic of Korea may take either a supervised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) within 24 hours before date of departure, or PCR within 48 hours before date of departure.
SSD 22-9 CHANGE 1, 8 FW HPCON A and Updated Testing Requirements Date 09 June 2022

Transportation Methods from Incheon Airport and Osan AB
The latest scheduled ITT bus departs from ICN enroute to Osan from Terminal 1 at 2030 and Terminal 2 at 2100.
SSD 21-16 8 FW Transport from Osan and Incheon Airport Date 01 Nov 2021

Arrival to Kunsan Testing Policy (Last Updated 11 July 2022)
All international arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, shall be subject to a COVID-19 PCR test taken no later than Day 3 after entry into the ROK. All international arrivals, regardless of vaccination status, may elect to take a self-administered COVID-19 antigen test on Day 6/7 after entry into the ROK. In accordance with ROK guidelines, the Day 6/7 antigen test is recommended, but not required.

All personnel arriving to Kunsan will receive a PCR COVID test on Day 1 at the 8 MDG COVID Testing CONNEX. Individuals who are exempt from quarantine are not required to restrict movement while awaiting results of the Day 1 PCR test. Further testing is not required unless a member develops symptoms of COVID-19.
SSD 22-9 CHANGE 1, 8 FW HPCON A and Updated Testing Requirements, Change 1, Date 09 June 2022

Transient aircrews that do not leave the installation are not required to test on arrival if they are fully vaccinated IAW DoD policy. Transient aircrews that leave the installation, regardless of length of stay, are required to test IAW the latest USFK policies and Kunsan AB directives.
SSD 22-10 8 FW COVID Policy for Transient Aircrew on Kunsan Air Base, Date 03 June 2022

Arrival Quarantine Policy All inbound SOFA personnel, regardless of vaccination status, are exempt from quarantine. Individuals who are exempt from quarantine are not required to restrict movement while awaiting results of the Day 1 PCR test.
SSD 22-9 CHANGE 1, 8 FW HPCON A and Updated Testing Requirements, Change 1, Date 09 June 2022

Close Contact Policy Close contacts who are fully vaccinated per DoD policy and asymptomatic do not have to be tested. Vaccinated close contacts can decide to have testing, and the decision may occur in consultation with their command, their unit and/or their medical team. Testing is required for unvaccinated close contacts. They are required to have full 10 day quarantine with Day 1/8/9 PCR testing. Additionally, consistent with 7AF policy, vaccinated close contacts, who are asymptomatic, can remain in health monitoring status to facilitate mission completion. Current recommended testing strategy for close contacts is to have Day #3 antigen test in the unit and if negative then send for a day #5 (48hr follow-up) PCR test at the MDG. Alternative testing strategy using serial unit antigen tests 3 days apart as described in USFK recommendations is a reasonable approach, if mission impact is a concern. Any member that becomes symptomatic should immediately quarantine/isolate and obtain testing within the unit with 48hr follow up PCR testing in the MDG before returning to duty.
7AF FRAGO 1 to TASKORD 21-013 - Close Contact Policy
Close Contact Clarification for 1st Sergeants and UHMs, Email Date 18 January 2022;
7 AF Close Contacts that are vaccinated, Email Date 10 March 2022

Isolation and Re-integration Policy for Those Who Test Positive for COVID-19 Personnel who are ‘up to date’ on COVID-19 vaccines will be eligible for 7-day isolation with additional 3 days of mask wear. Those who are not ‘up to date’ on vaccines will isolate for 10 days. “Up to date’ is defined as an individual who has received all CDC recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses, including booster when eligible. As a reminder, individuals are eligible for a booster when the following criteria is met: 1) those whom have received two-dose vaccine series and at least 5 months past completion of vaccine series; or 2) those whom have received 1 does J&J vaccine and at least 2 months past completion of single shot vaccine. Kunsan AB does not have a dedicated isolation facility. The Public Health Emergency Working Group Operating Instruction allows for the use of specified rooms in the Wolf Pack Lodge to be an alternative to transfer to a dedicated isolation facility at Camp Humphries when Residence-Based Isolation is not appropriate. Release from isolation requires the passage of 7 days for ‘up to date’ individual or 10 days for those not ‘up to date’ after positive testing or onset of symptoms (whichever is later). The requirement to meet criteria for release includes absence of fever for a minimum of twenty-four hours without taking any fever-reducing medications, clinical improvement of other COVID-19 symptoms and confirmation by a medical professional that the patient no longer poses a public health threat. All individuals released after seven (7) days of isolation are required to wear a high-quality, tight-fitting mask for three (3) additional days when in public, even if mask wear is not otherwise required.
SSD 22-2 8 FW 7-Day Isolation for Up-to-Date Vaccinated Personnel, Date 28 January 2022
Attachment 65 - Residence-Based Isolation and Treatment Policy, Date 15 March 2022

USFK COVID-19 Guidance Related to Official Travel and Meetings in USFK
Individuals who are not fully vaccinated IAW DoD guidelines or who decline to provide information about their vaccination status may only conduct "mission critical" official travel, both domestic or international. Planned in-person meetings, events, and conferences sponsored by the DoD with more than fifty (50) participants in a county or equivalent jurisdiction where the CDC COVID-19 Community Level is high must obtain advance approval from the DoD or OSD Component head, or an individual delegated this authority. Meetings do not include military training, exercise events, or recurring battle rhythm events.
Attachment 62.1 - USFK COVID-19 Guidance Related to Official Travel and Meetings in USFK

DOD Definition of Fully Vaccinated In accordance with Attachment 49, an individual is considered “fully vaccinated” when: (a) At least 2 weeks have elapsed after a second dose in a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series, such as of the Pfizer-BioNTech/COMIRNATY or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines; or at least 2 weeks have elapsed after a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine may be either authorized for emergency use or fully approved; or: (b) An individual has completed the recommended dose series of COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use by the World Health Organization (e.g., AstraZeneca/Oxford) or approved for use in a clinical trial vaccine for which vaccine efficacy has been independently confirmed (e.g., Novavax).

Confirmation of COVID-19 Vaccination Forms (Attachment 49) Unit commanders and/or equivalent civilian supervisors have the authority to issue Attachment 49 to all fully vaccinated USFK-affiliated and/or SOFA personnel, including Service Members, civilians, contractors, and family members. Attachment 49 is a controlled item. Components will maintain accountability of all issued Confirmation of COVID-19 Vaccination forms (Attachment 49) and maintain a centralized repository of all issued forms.

DHA Vaccination Policy
DHA-IPM 20.004, Date 16 June 2022

The following Senior Staff Directives apply to all military personnel, family members, U.S. and Korean National civilian employees, DoD contractors, retirees, and any other individuals with access to Kunsan AB.

SSD 22-11: Restriction of Movement Guidelines

8 FW SSD 21-3 COVID-19 Terms and Definitions

Renewal of a Public Health Emergency (PHE) on Kunsan Base

22-2 7-Day Isolation for ‘Up-to-Date’ Vaccinated Personnel

SSD 22-5 Exemptions from Quarantine

Newcomers Guide: July 2022

Be advised, updated guidance supersedes guidance in the current newcomers guide

HPCON Alpha Infographic





Isolation ROEs

Feeling sickly? Leave quickly!

Return to your quarters and contact the 8th Medical Group at 782-CARE (2273) or at 010-3658-0752 during duty hours.

For after hours or emergency services: Dial 911 (on base phones) or 063-470-0911 (Korean cellphone) to receive URGENT care for any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

For non-urgent notification of suspected COVID-19 contact: Contact 8th Medical Group Public Health at 782-4510/4509 or at 010-5464-3928 if you believe you have had close contact with individuals carrying COVID-19.

Members should reference the recommended "Go-Bag" packing list on Kunsan's Sharepoint.