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Newcomers - Vehicle testing, pick up, inspection and registration

You've arrived to Kunsan AB, have been authorized to ship your vehicle and want to drive...Now what?

If you decided to ship your POV you will have to ensure that your vehicle is up to standards and have a valid stateside driver's license. Steps to process your registration quickly are as follows:
1. Click here for study material to obtain a Korean Drivers License.
   a. You may schedule a testing appointment with your Squadron Rep.
   b. Once you have passed the test you will be given forms which you'll need to take to Pass and ID.
   c. Pass and ID will ensure that you have proper insurance and credentials to drive.

2. In order to get to Yongsan, you may take the city bus (Apprx 17,800 WON) from Kunsan City Station (runs every 20 minutes - 3 hours - See CAC for schedule) which will arrive at the Seoul Terminal and take a Taxi (Apprx 10,000 WON) to Yongsan Main Gate or Camp Kim (from here, get a base taxi and ask for the VPC). Advisable to get a GPS from Airman Family Readiness prior to departing, they loan them out for free.

3. Head to Camp Kim. Shipping times vary. Ensure you've been notified that your vehicle has arrived.
APO AP 96205-5333
TELEPHONE: 02-798-7031
DSN: 723-8912/8916

4. Upon arrival you'll process, inspect and retrieve your POV. You'll have to drive around the corner (VPC will provide directions) to get Temporary Plates (Ensure you have $5.00 Cash) office opens at 0830-1600.
   a. Ensure you have all proper documentation prior to going to Seoul, this could hold you up or prevent you from getting your POV all together.

5. After you've obtained temporary plates, you'll need to fill up at the gas station (VPC directions provided).
   a. You have 10 days from the time you get your temporary plates to the time you'll need to register with City Hall.

6. After returning to Kunsan, you'll need to schedule an appointment for a Safety Inspection ($19.95) at the Gas Station on base. Upon passing, head to City Hall for registration.

7. Gunsan city requires the following forms to register your POV:
   a. Korean Customs Import Document from VPC (Temp Plates)
   b. Insurance Cards
   c. Korean Drivers License
   d. Military ID Card
   e. Safety Inspection
   f. Cost is approximately (25,000 WON) if you register after your 10 day window and an additional 2,000 WON. If you are not late with registering, cost is approximately (5,000-10,000 Won).

8. You'll then be required to head to the Plates Office where you'll take all documentation from City Hall and provide them with (20,000 WON) for permanent plates.

9. Upon completing this, you'll have to return to Pass and ID for final registration with the base.

10. Congratulations you're done.