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Inprocessing Schedule

Kunsan AB In-Processing Schedule

All personnel must attend two separate briefings:

1. MPS Base In-processing: Where: Base Theater, Building 1000 When: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday starting at 0930 (approximately 1hr and 30 minutes). Personnel arriving to Kunsan should in process the next possible in processing day (M, W, or Thurs). Bring: All documents received during MPS final out appointment (usually sealed in a packet). The Kunsan AB In-Processing Checklist (KRO Checklist) will be issued during this briefing. LRS will schedule personnel for chem bag pick-up during this briefing. Also, Finance will schedule personnel for appointment to process travel voucher and entitlements.


 2. Newcomer's Orientation and Kunsan Readiness Orientation (KRO). Where: Base Theater, Building 1000 When: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month Time: 0815 - 1600;  Personnel are expected to arrive NLT than 0800.  Arriving personnel will attend the next Newcomer's Briefing/KRO the next possible Tuesday after they attend the base-in-processing briefing mentioned above. Personnel attending this briefing will need to bring Security Verification Memo signed by their gaining squadron's security manager, ID Card, Copy of orders, Sealed Medical Records (if applicable) and KRO Checklist in order to attend this briefing.

Personnel will also need to bring:
-One Copy of their PCS orders
-Sealed medical records (if applicable)
-KRO checklist
-Personnel will receive their appointment for travel voucher processing at this briefing.

Current as of 16 Mar 17