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Newcomers - Wolf Pack Wheels and Gunsan City Bus


*Do NOT take a Taxi from Incheon Airport, costs run $300 to $800 dollars,  YOU WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.*

City Bus From Incheon International Airport to Gunsan City

W26,000 each way - Takes about 3.5 hours
Bus departs 0820, 1010, 1350, 1530, 1740, 1910 & 2140
Departs from Gate 9C

You will arrive at the local city bus station in downtown Gunsan City. Please arrange to have your sponsor pick you up or call a base taxi to get you on base.

To call an AAFES taxi from off base, dial 063-470-4318. Travel from bus station is about 30 minutes and costs approximately $15.

*Off base taxis will only drop you off at the main gate.

To arrange pickup from an AAFES taxi at very early morning hours, contact the AAFES taxi manager, Mr. Kim, 0800-1700, Monday through Friday, one to two days in advance.

Wolf Pack Wheels from Incheon International Airport to Osan

Osan to Incheon International Airport
$15 (leisure)
$25 Round Trip
$35 (official TDY/PCS status)
Daily: 0700, 1130, 1530 Departs from Turumi Lodging and the Information, Tickets & Travel (Bldg 924)
Seven days a week

Incheon International Airport to Osan
$15 (leisure)
$25 Round Trip
$35 (official TDY/PCS status)
Daily: 0900, 1830, 2230 Departs from the USO Counter at Gate 14
Seven days a week
From there you will take the Osan Bus to Kunsan.

Osan to Kunsan
$18 - 20 one-way (leisure)
$45 one-way (official)
Mon-Thu: 1330
Fri: 1330 & 2200
Sat & Sun: 1330 & 1830
Departs from Information, Tickets & Travel (Bldg 924)

Kunsan to Osan
$18 - 20 one-way (leisure)
$45 one-way (official)
Mon-Thu: 0800
Fri: 0800 & 1600
Sat & Sun: 0800 & 1300
Departs from Falcon Community Activities Center (Bldg 1027)

For more information on Wolf Pack Wheels, click here.


Current as of April 14, 2021