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Wolf Pack Quarantine Guidance

On behalf of the 8th Fighter Wing commander, welcome (or welcome back) to Korea and the historic WOLF PACK! 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 8th FW commander has declared a public health emergency for Kunsan Air Base. As a result, you will take two COVID-19 tests, one upon arrival and one on day 12 of your quarantine. Additionally, you ARE ORDERED to comply with the Senior Staff Directives (SSDs) and Rules of Engagement (ROEs) on this page. It is only through your discipline and vigilance in adhering to these quarantine measures that we can continue to keep the Wolf Pack COVID-free!

Remain Vigilant! Remain Healthy! Remain Ready! 

1. As of Jan. 7, 2021, the Republic of Korea (ROK) requires all inbound passengers to supply proof of negative COVID-19 testing no more then 72-hours prior to departure. The negative COVID-19 test must be in English or Hangul and must be a PCR test.

2. All squadrons will ensure inbound personnel returning from leave or PCSing have been added to the 8th FW COVID-19 SharePoint site tracker no later than (NLT) 72 hours prior to arrival. Tracker information will include:

a. Rank, name, DOD ID number, unit affiliation, and location of quarantine.
b. Estimated time of arrival to Incheon Airport, including flight number
c. For non-Active Duty, please also send their social security number and date of birth to the 8th MDG COVID org box (usaf.kunsan.8-mdg.mbx.covid-ops@mail.mil) so that the individual can be registered as a patient and the required labs can be ordered. Please label the subject line, “[insert name] non-AD inbound COVID testing.”

3. All personnel arriving on the Patriot Express will be greeted by an 8th FW representative. Once members have been processed, screened, and completed their day one COVID-19 test, they will be transported by bus to an Osan AB waiting facility. Kunsan AB will transport members from the holding facility at various times depending on inbound flights of arriving personnel.

4. All personnel arriving via commercial air through Incheon International Airport will proceed to the USFK Joint Personnel Processing Center (JPPC) desk after processing through immigration and customs. JPPC staff will escort DoD-affiliated personnel through the airport and to designated transportation vehicles. Unit/Sponsor pick-up and public transportation are NOT authorized from Incheon International Airport at this time. Personnel will then be transported to Osan AB and placed into a waiting facility until the Kunsan AB shuttle arrives. Once inbound personnel arrive to Kunsan, the 8 FW MDG will obtain an initial COVID-19 test.

5. All inbound personnel with quad-configured dorms or shared bathrooms will quarantine in Wolf Pack Lodge unless they have been vaccinated. Vaccinated personnel will be given the option after their first day 1 negative COVID testing to relocate to a dorm as long as it does not have a shared bathroom. All inbound E-7 and above will quarantine in their dorms. Member’s units/sponsors are responsible for coordinating with Wolf Pack Lodge, the housing office, and the PHEWG to ensure quarantine accommodations and logistics are arranged prior to the member’s arrival. Members must be placed on the housing offices waiting list NLT 14 days prior to the member’s arrival.

6. Upon arrival to Kunsan AB, members will be transported to their respective quarantine locations. Inbound personnel are not permitted to leave their rooms until notified of release for either outdoor time or Health Monitoring Status by their chain of command. Members can only enter Health Monitoring Status if fully vaccinated, after receiving a negative Day-1 COVID-19 test and after submission of an approved Quarantine Action Plan.

1. All outbound personnel are required to get an Antigen/PCR COVID test no more than three calendar days prior to departure. Active duty members may obtain this test at the 8th MDG and will present documentation of test results to the Wolf Pack Wheels driver and at the airport during check-in. Members requesting a test should send an encrypted e-mail to usaf.kunsan.8-mdg.mbx.covid-ops@mail.mil with a copy of orders and travel itinerary and use the subject line “COVID Test for departure on DD MM YY – Print Label.”

2. While in HPCON Bravo, all members are authorized to take public transportation or a POV while PCSing out from Kunsan AB.

1. Members planning on taking leave must review the 8th FW leave policy below, as well as read, sign, and upload a copy of the On-Base or Off-Base ROEs into LeaveWeb. Members should ensure coordination with their chain of command. Once this has been completed, the member’s leave can be approved.

2. Members returning from leave or TDY outside the ROK will be required to follow all procedures outlined in the inbound section such as adding required information to the COVID-19 SharePoint site tracker NLT 72 hours prior to return.

CAO 7 July 2021

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