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😷 Kunsan COVID-19 UPDATE 😷

On March 24, USFK adjusted its health protection condition level in Yongsan and Seongnam Districts to Bravo. 

Effective 30 Jul @ 1200KST SSDs 21-9, 21-10 and 21-11 are rescinded and replaced by SSD 21-12.

  1. All US military personnel assigned to, TDY or visiting Kunsan AB will remain on-installation until 0600KST on 31 Jul. Travel off the installation prior to 0600KST on 31 Jul is limited to mission essential and official duty activities. Deviations require an ETP from the first O-6 in your chain of command.
  2. All non-fully vaccinated Kunsan AB (military/GS) personnel will continue to monitor health status with unit administered antigen COVID tests. This test will be performed weekly IAW the 8 FW COVID Unit Screening program.
    1. Unit commanders will conduct COVID testing oversight for their respective units.
    2. If any unit administered COVID screening test results in a positive, unit will have the member immediately isolate and contact the 8 MDG for evaluation and follow-on testing protocol.
  3. All Kunsan AB military and GS personnel will continue to adhere to USFK FRAGO 81 effective 23 Jul 2021.
    1. Bars and Clubs remain off-limits regardless of vaccination status.
    2. Travel to Areas 1 and 2 is still restricted to mission essential.
  4. Mask wear is mandatory for all Kunsan AB affiliated personnel and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, at all indoor common areas on installation to include, but not limited to, the following locations:
    1. All Base Exchange Areas (BX, Express, Restaurants, Stores, Post Office and Common Areas).
    2. All Areas within the Loring Club, FSS Restaurants, The Tavern, Golf Course Club House and Dining Facilities except while eating or drinking. 
    3. Taxis and Buses on installation
    4. Churches and other indoor religious gatherings and services
    5. MWR facilities
    6. Base Theater
    7. Fitness Center (Fully vaccinated personnel may remove masks at the fitness center while actively exercising. Non-fully vaccinated personnel must wear a mask at all times except while executing the individual components of an official Air Force Physical Fitness Test.)
  5. Unit sanctioned gatherings of 10 or more people on Kunsan AB, whether they are indoors or outdoors, will be approved by the squadron commander. All indoor gatherings, as previously defined, require mask wear.
  6. Squadron commanders will enforce existing indoor mask wear policy consistent with DoD Force Health Protection Guidance. Commanders retain authority to add additional mask wear requirements within their respective unit areas.

The following Senior Staff Directives apply to all military personnel, family members, U.S. and Korean National civilian employees, DoD contractors, retirees, and any other individuals with access to Kunsan AB.

8 FW SSD 21-3 COVID-19 Terms and Definitions

8 FW SSD 21-7 HPCON BRAVO policies


8 FW SSD 21-12 Updated wing guidance


Feeling sickly? Leave quickly!

Return to your quarters and contact the 8th Medical Group at 782-CARE (2273) or at 010-3658-0752 during duty hours.

For after hours or emergency services: Dial 911 (on base phones) or 063-470-0911 (Korean cellphone) to receive URGENT care for any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

For non-urgent notification of suspected COVID-19 contact: Contact 8th Medical Group Public Health at 782-4510/4509 or at 010-5464-3928 if you believe you have had close contact with individuals carrying COVID-19.

All members must keep a 14-day log with locations, dates, and durations of visits. Members should reference the recommended "Go-Bag" packing list on Kunsan's Sharepoint.

Declaration of a Public Health Emergency (PHE) on Kunsan Base

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